High Energy Links

We are always on the lookout to read new & wonderful blogs. We  update our links frequently. If you have stumbled or landed upon our blog, let’s share links!!…

email us admin@fishyfacedesigns.com

Great Daily Reads

One Kiss Creations Beaded Jewelry Blog
Snap out of it Jean! Blog
Digital Peach Blog
Like a Bump on a Blog
Gray Artus Photography Blog
I’d rather be stitching Blog
Your Alter Ego 101 Blog
The.closet.it Blog
NJGreats Blog
The Butterfly Hobbyist Blog
Right Turn Artwerks Blog

Tossing it Out Blog

Cajun Delights Blog
Canela Kitchen Blog
My Sweet and Savory Blog
Seaside Simplicity Blog
How Sweet it is Blog
Cozy, Delicious Blog
Sweetapolita Blog

anecdotes and apples Blog
Fitness Health and Food Blog
Beyond Bananas Blog
Apple Crumbles Blog

Fashion Gone Rogue Blog
Kingdom of Style Blog

Wish Wish Wish Blog
The Cat Hag Blog
Short Sister Style Blog
The Mad Twins
Gillian Young Blog
myblissthisway Blog
LibertyLondonGirl Blog
Boho Market Blog

Somthing Sublime Blog
The Bead Dreamer Blog
Beads for Brains: 365 Blog
Beads and Beading Blog
Lark Crafts
Soft Flex Girl Blog
Three Red Beads

Picking Poppies Blog
Scribbles of an Electronic Gypsy Blog

The Hermitage Blog
Writing Mama: Musings on Parenthood, Writing, and Pursuing Your Dreams Blog
Nothing to Read Here Blog
My Nuggets of Truth
Get a Life
feelgooder Blog

Booooooom Blog
daily art muse Blog
The Artist in You Blog
The Handmade Artist Hangout Blog
Jeanne Oliver Blog
Heidi.M Blog

Resin Crafts Blog
Handmadeology Blog
Handmade Artists Forum

Miss Celie’s Pants Blog
Attack of the Redneck Mommy Blog
Making Memories Blog
MommyBlogExpert Blog

Motivated MomsClub Blog

Music is my life Blog

The Hustler’s Notebook Blog
Fishy Face Designs Jewelry
Trend Watchin Blog
Social Moms
Panache by Erin Blog
Fitness Magazine


15 responses to “High Energy Links

  1. Thank you for putting me in such fine company–you are great!

    Have a wonderful Friday!


  2. I am honored to be on the list, too! Thanks for adding me and my sister blog, Women of Worth in Uganda. We who are busy building things up in a world intent on power, control and tear down need to stick together!!!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing my blog!!

  4. aw thanks for including me :)!!

    ❤ steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. Thank you for including me in your list! Am truly honoured!! 🙂

  6. Thanks so much for including me on such a wonderful list of blogs! I am really honored and appreciate it more than you could know. Also, merci beaucoup for coming by my blog and for all of your kind comments! Have a great weekend, cher!

  7. Thanks for the link, you’re so sweet!

  8. Lisa, you are the epitome of kindness and professionalism rolled into one. Take care!

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