As we journey out into the world of social media, we continue to be inspired by the acts of kindness that we have seen from others. If you are involved with a  charity or have one that you support and would like us to add it to our charity page please email us @  and we will add it.

Kindness Pass it On!!!

RMHS Alumnni Scholarship Fund

Women of Worth Uganda

Autism Speaks

Kevin Harvick Foundation

Spreading Joy

First Giving – Nisha Varghese


Angels 4 Epilepsy

Families First


10 responses to “Charities

  1. wow, such a great idea! I’m giving half of royalties for my .99 short story to Pets Alive – a local animal shelter that does amazing work. You always inspire me Lisa!

    • Jen…
      Thank you, I am throwing this right back at ya… I get my inspirations from you and so many amazing people I meet each day! Your stories Rock! Please e-mail me the link for Pets Alive, I will be honored to put that link there on your behalf! Bff’s Rock!

  2. I am able to directly support the amazing crafters of Women of Worth in Uganda ( by using their recycled paper beads in some of my designs, and by directly selling on their behalf. There is no middle man, no organization to “go through.”

    I wrote and maintained their blog for 6 months to give them a web presence, and now it is written by the American missionary who is their friend.

    My facebook page and blog have featured their designs.

    Thanks for the chance to share!!

  3. Hello there

    I love your avatar it makes me smile and laugh when i see it.

    This is a great blog. I’ve support a couple of friends
    in there fund raisers.

    Here are the ones I think are great

    Marie Wikle She doing a back to school backpack fund raiser now

    Nisha Varghese 20 year old changing the world.
    With her clean water and 48 sandwhiches.

    Tabitha & Family make gift boxes and mail for
    sick children and other people.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Bonnie Squires

  4. Great links,we support orphans of Uganda by selling our African Jewelry

  5. We support orphans of Uganda by selling African Jewelry

  6. Hi Lisa

    I would like to add:

    Angels 4 Epilepsy –
    Families First –

    These are both heartfelt charities run by people affected by the causes they support.

    Thank you

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