Rockin Robin— Off the wall- BAD

This is the first song I remember singing from the Jackson five… My mother and I would go roller skating (picture an old skating rink with the huge fans at both ends… but Michael would sing and we had so much fun…… til my mom of around 25/26 tried to rescue a bunch of kindergartners umm myself included… we got tangled up and she broke both arms… I think that is how the story went…

Jackson 5 … “Rockin Robbin”…

The Jackson 5… “ABC”…

Michael Jackson was awesome — I was a fan… time for me moved on and Michael came out with Off The Wall… again I loved this album!…

Michael Jackson… “Bad”…

When this album was released in 1979…guess what… I was still skating…and this album was great to skate too.

Michael Jackson… “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough”…

It was 1984 when Michael was burned during the Pepsi commercial…

This is the video I found on youtube… I decided I didn’t want to watch it…but I put it in because it is part of the story.

Michael Jackson… ” Pepsi Commercial 1984″…

I don’t remember much about Michael’s accident at the time, I don’t know if that was because they kept it on the down low or unlike today’s world we just didn’t have as many sources for news… I don’t know…

Thriller was huge…  New Years 1984… the launch of thriller… that was awesome… we watched in awe as we rang in 1984… another huge album… he really was awesome!

Michael Jackson… “Thriller”….

This was fantastic and as I watched that night with friends at a local club… I thought he was amazing… but time went on school, marriage, kids, the usual…

As the world knows Michael passed away on June 25, 2009 and his doctor is on trial this week… Michael’s story is sad… and many of us can’t understand how he lived… it breaks my heart…

I want to remember Michael and his music…. for the joy it brings us all! Thank you Michael!

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Have a super weekend…. turn up the tunes… and DON’T STOP TIL YOU GET ENOUGH!….

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6 responses to “Rockin Robin— Off the wall- BAD

  1. I remember these songs Lisa and were so famous, poor Michael always I think in like a poor boy!Have a nice day, gloria

  2. I used to love Rockin’ Robin. AND, we were on roller skates. I think it was when we lived in the UK. Geesh! Long time ago.
    I was a fan of M.J as well. Too bad. So sad. But at least we have his hits. What an artist.

  3. Thriller was so amazing. The choreographers on a show that I was managing during the 80s used a lot of the moves in some of the dances they put together for the show. Michael was such an influence on the world of modern dance.

    Tossing It Out

  4. Lisa, I can just picture a sweet little girl roller-skating with her mommy. I used to go to Sparkles all the time (different day and age, lots of 80’s music), and I wished my mom would have gone with me even once.

    Broken arms aside, it sounds like you have precious memories. ((hugs))

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