The Pain… lives on today.

Bullies… it is a problem even today in 2011… what happened to “the” manners? I am so tired of people being politically correct yet will knock you down as they pass you in the isle of the grocery store!… We have so many examples… I could list many… but is that the answer? Why/How as a people have we become so intolerant?…

I believe if you had 200 people sitting in a movie theater on any given weekend… with friends or family… let the movie be a real tear jerker… everyone leaves crying… all capable of compassion and caring… then what happens? Why doesn’t that go towards all people and not just the people in their group. My family may be a “whole lot” screwed up and a little  dysfunctional …but how does this happen?. How can it stop?…

Our children deal with this everyday… if they survive… they deal with it like a “Moon Shadow” for the rest of their lives…

This has to stop.

I want to say this… I don’t care what legislation you pass… what laws are put on the books… build more jails… give lots more money… the pain will live on I promise you… why do you ask… won’t this be enough…

BECAUSE WE LIVE… everyday by do as I say not as I do…

Turn on “any” news… for this article I don’t care what your political views are… If you want children to stop being bullied… as adults we must stop calling everyone names… during any/every conversation we have… he doesn’t like my point of view.. lazy slob.. stupid.. dumb.. fat.. on and on.. want this to go away?… get it off the radio… off the television… out of politics and teach people to talk and if they can’t back up their thoughts with examples they can’t resort to name… CALLING… and one more thing… if everyone you know is stupid and dumb when your home… and everyone you live with hears you say those things… you are guilty too… of creating a bully!

Please if I am wrong… tell me… because too many children and adults deal with this everyday…

AND one more thing… manners for the people out there that have forgotten… having manners… doesn’t mean… I can’t/won’t… stand up for myself… it is not a sign of weakness…

Kindness Pass it ON…


Today’s music choice is Janice Joplin… as poster child for bullied/abused…

Here is some information on Janis… if you don’t know her music.

Link to Wikipedia entry of Janis Joplin 

Janis Joplin…”Piece Of My Heart”…

Janis Joplin… ” A Woman Left Lonely”…

Janis Joplin… ” To Love Somebody”…

Don’t compromise yourself… it’s all you got– Janis Joplin

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Just keep swimming>>>> no really listen here!

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11 responses to “The Pain… lives on today.

  1. Great Post….I raise my kids…not to judge..not to judge…but I still find (now they are preteens)..that they WANT TO JUDGE!… I hope they will stop!

    I think that the ego feels more defined when it notices things that make it different …or separate. ..and that ultimately leads to judging, and then bullying…

  2. Hi Lisa. Thank you for speaking about bullying! We have canceled our T.V. because we are sick of violence, rudeness, and the like. Every choice we make has a lasting legacy…. Because we live. Thank you.

  3. It is so true….have you read The Four Agreements? Be impeccable in your word….
    Catch yourself saying something that is NOT impeccable and discuss it with your children and your friends and your coworkers, and maybe even complete strangers. You might change the world! I agree that we must stand up for change. I do not watch mainstream television because I will not participate in the exchange of violent images and impolite language supported by commercial exploitation.
    Thanks for this thought provoking post.
    Blessings to you and yours, as always.

  4. Dear Lisa:
    I especially like this post. I was a very strong minded child: I don’t know why–I was just lucky. This gave me self confidence in most situations. i never hurt anyone’s feelings because of the way i was brought up — most particularly by my father, who lived by the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”.
    I believe that low self esteem, whether brought on by your family, or by the people who surround you, causes you to lash back and distrust people. I agree with you that the dreadful shows on TV when people call each other names and spend hours accusing each other of evil deeds are a terrible influence upon people. I wish things were different, especially because i have concerns for my non verbal children after i am gone. What will happen to them? Thank God they have older brothers who are loving and concerned with their well being.I actually had a dream where i was looking after them , to give them their medications…even after my death . It was the eeriest dream i have ever have, but shows me the power of love lives on and is greater than the power of evil.
    love, jean

    • Jean you are a blessing… to all you touch… I can’t wait to get to heaven and meet your Father… he was/is an amazing person… I can only imagine your concern and worry and I am grateful your older sons are there… and they have a lifetime of love and memories to not only share with your other children but to continue on… love rules.
      love you bunches!

  5. Being a bully, like showing kindness and compassion and thoughfulness, starts IN THE HOME. After being a teacher for many years, you could oftentimes understand why a kid was a bully after meeting the parents. It’s so sad that people can’t agree to disagree with civility. I agree with everything you say, Lisa! Great post.

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