Timeless Tuesdays… Our Tuesdays…Priceless Memories

Hey Everyone…

I hope your holiday weekend was fabulous… Woot. Woot. It was cloudy in my neck of the woods… the forecast called for rain but it passed us by again. Our drought alert is going up…again… not as critical as Texas yet… but on our way. We need water pipe-lines… to keep areas from getting flooded and help those in a drought…

For those of you participating in the “Sisterhood Of The Traveling Journal” and Knights too… I am so glad you are… this is so exciting… the journal has left New York and made its way to Georgia… I can’t wait to read all about it… which got me thinking… again.

Anyone interested in becoming “Pen-Pals”?… This journal trip has got me so excited… while we wait for “our turn” this idea popped into my head.

I know we are all very busy… but receiving the journal has gotten such wonderful results… and has been very special for the people who have received/sent it so far…

So come on… “Pen-Pals”… I am sure some of you have had a pen-pal in your lifetime… if so… you know the “rules”… well we can draw names and pair up for pen-pals or if someone has another idea… nothing is carved in stone… fire away…

Just by the comments I have received from those who have sent/received the journal… this is a very touching experience… and I can’t wait to read the “Journal”… but a pen-pal will give us a chance to build a more personal relationship… I think…

I really hope you will share your thoughts and come on… get involved… I am not buying/selling this… just trying to take us back to a slower time… and give us a letter to hold on too… sometimes that is a perfect hug… so come on… join in on Timeless Tuesdays…

I hope you will come back for more Timeless Tuesday Next week… heehee… same time… same bat channel.

Have a super day… and here is some tunes to brighten your day!

Oh and hey… if you enjoyed your visit… please come back… and thank you very much for all the comments you leave and when do… why not hit a “like” button or two… I am grateful…Woot. Woot.

Ok… here are the tunes…

The Partridge Family… “C’mon Get Happy”…

The Monkees… “Daydream Believer”…

The Banana Splits…(ok, I had too… check it out… heehee)

Sigmund and the Sea Monsters

Have a good day today… find the good in whatever come your way…

Take care

Again, thanks for dropping by…. Please join in on our “Sisterhood Of The Traveling Journal” and Knights too… Woot Woot… Journal has made it to Georgia…We now have 19 lovely people joining in, who is next!!!!…If you want in… JUST leave a comment with your e-mail or email me!

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Love ya,

Have a fantastic day! Kindness pass it on!!!

Just keep swimming>>>> no really listen here!

OH and one more thing…
Then there IS this – read these…

7 responses to “Timeless Tuesdays… Our Tuesdays…Priceless Memories

  1. loved all the videos great great way to start my day

  2. What a great idea, Lisa!!! I have some special people in my life–you are one of them!!! and I consider them my pen pals ! I think my deepest friendships of this time in my later adulthood have been forged online!
    I love your idea! xox jean! (and your choice of songs, too!).

  3. I’d love to be part of the journal! And I’ve Liked Fishy Face on Facebook. Perhaps you would do the same for Heart On My Sleeve Store? (A funny name for a page that doesn’t’ sell as it’s primary purpose…but Facebook already had a Heart On My Sleeve, so there you have it. I’m back to posting on the blog, too. See you on the web!

    • Hi Cate,
      I hope you had a wonderful summer, I am glad your are back! The journal is really special, and I am so glad you are participating!,you will receive information in an e-mail. Thank you for liking our page and I will get yours as well!
      Take care,

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