King Kong, Bears… is it really a small world?…

Hey everybody!

How are you doing?… I am getting some super feedback from you guys! Chaya and Jean… Woot Woot! for your weight loss goals…

How’s everyone else?… weight loss may not be your thing… that’s ok… what are you working towards… how is it going? Can we help in any way?…

Think about that… if there is something we can help you with or something you just want to get off your chest… come on… we will listen!…

Today I am going to take you back on a short journey…

Ghost and non-ghosts… come on in… take a load off…

Watch your step… remember to share your seat…


Look under your bed!…

I was was 6 or 7 when Walt Disney World opened in Orlando Florida… my parents and I were super excited and planned a trip… I don’t remember everything but here are the few things I do!

I remember it being very cold and windy, my Mother got an ear infection that would bother her the rest of her life. We went to WDW with my Mother’s sister, husband and two kids. On the way to the hotel I remember my Uncle embarrassing us at Kentucky Fried Chicken because it was almost closing time and he “wanted a better deal”. I don’t know if he got it or not my dad took us to the car…

Upon arrival at hotel the only thing I remember was King Kong was on tv and I am guessing I watched til I fell asleep.

Going to WDW was so exciting and I remember the time with my parents was great… the drive there and home was filled with country music and I would sing sing sing and my Dad didn’t complain… a dad’s love is awesome!

Ok here are some great YouTube memories… I wish I had pictures to share but they have long since been lost… I know that is sad!

Here’s to memories…

King Kong Trailer 1933

Walt Disney World-Grand Opening 1971/72

1971 Walt Disney World Commercial  this commercial is for Eastern Airlines at that time my Uncle worked for them!

“The Haunted Mansion” in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

One of my favorite memories was “It’s a Small World”… I loved this ride… I dare ya not to still be singing that song… decades later!

This YouTube makes me smile… this was my dad’s favorite “show.” years later when we took my kids back, he still got a kick out of this show.

Walt Disneyworld’s  “The Country Bear Jamboree”

These are good times… share yours!

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Just keep swimming>>>> no really listen here!

OH and one more thing…
Then there IS this – read these…

6 responses to “King Kong, Bears… is it really a small world?…

  1. WDW is such a great place. I went in the early 80s when my son was about 5 I guess. I believe it was in January so crowds were not as big and it was cooler weather. It was such a great time. Thanks for the memories.

    Tossing It Out

  2. I’ve never been to Walt Disney World, but I
    ll take my daughter one day and try to experience as much of it through her eyes as possible. Take care!

    P.S. There is nothing greater than having a daddy who loves you.

    • I do hope you get the chance to go one day Amberr, but if it is awhile… the memories you are building sound perfect to me! You are a great Mom… …. and your right… I was lucky, my dad was great! Oh. One last thing your post was fantastic… the list was great!

  3. My dad was a lifelong skindiver and he favoured the Florida Keys. When I had children, all we had to do was mention a trip to Disneyland and off we would be whisked like magic to Orlando–then on the the Keys!!! It was GREAT! Everyone always had a ball with my father!

    xox jean

  4. I went to Disneyland in California when I was a kid, and then to the one in Florida, when it opened. Both are incredibly fun! Thanks for stopping by!

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