My morning view…Happy Saturday!!!…


So beautiful when they fly…It makes my day when they stop by…
Their colors so beautiful..their song so sweet…They just drop by…to sing and eat…
Some grab and run…others stay for fun…eating in the sun…
They scored!!!…They won!!!…Woot!!!…Woot!!!…Sunflower seeds!!!…
They leave me a song…as they fly along…I blink…sadly they are gone…

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Love ya,

Have a fantastic day! Kindness pass it on!!!

Just keep swimming>>>> no really listen here!

OH and one more thing…
Then there IS this – read these…

6 responses to “My morning view…Happy Saturday!!!…

  1. I love the birds too! They bring joy! Love ya, sister!

  2. Birds – songs with wings!

  3. Thank you for the beautiful photos! We love birds here too and my husband especially does! So sweet! xox jean

  4. I love birds !!! and they are sooooo cute, happy Sunday my dear Lisa!!!

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