News… News and then some… Come on over!…

Good morning… Hey everyone!

This is the most exciting post I have written! I hope you will join in!

First I would like to tell you about Monday…. I would like to purchase a journal… write in it… and forward a letter along with it!

Jean Yates and Erin Patrick are in! I would like to do the “sisterhood of the traveling journal.” I hope the journal will go all over the world and make it back to me… the other thing is I would like for everyone to receive a letter…because gosh I miss writing those!

So here is the plan… Erin responded first… so I will write to Erin… Then Jean is on the list and a letter from Erin  and the journal passes on to Jean! Who is in?

Now I do appreciate your comments and for those of you that have left me comments, I am getting you on my blog roll… so I can get back into the groove. I will be commenting… ASAP! Cause I like what you have to say!

Now for those of you following Ms. Fit…. I do have great news! I am still walking with my video… but I have also added a walk at night and I am slowly kicking butt upstairs in the gym…

I was doing these things and as I told you in the beginning I was so out of shape… I mean it came from sitting on my buttocks for 5 months… so this is no easy task. I was just trying to exercise and I wasn’t worried about my diet… Jean you made me smile… good grief… I have been addicted to diet coke for at least 25 years.. so I went from diet coke to caffeine free diet coke… Woot! Woot! I am no longer drinking diet coke!…

And I don’t care how much you exercise that incredibly large bag of peppermint patties wasn’t helping either.. cause I ate one every day! Shame on me… but I did this even when I started exercising… but remember I was looking for routine!

So… Sunday night I was tired… I am always tired… I go to sleep tired… most nights I find it difficult to sleep and I snack in the middle of the night… I have found since I have been walking I am sleeping a lot better… So back to my good news.

I haven’t lost but five pounds… but again that wasn’t my beginning goal… ok ok so get on with what you are saying, heehee…

Sunday… I am bored watching TV…kinda winding down just flipping channels… then I started looking at things I had recorded and not watched and I found this… It could quite possibly change my life forever…

I am on day two… and I felt great this morning… Is it in my head?… I don’t think so… because for the last five months when I woke up EVERYDAY all I wanted to do was take a nap…. that isn’t living…

Before I introduce you to what I found… hehe, I have to tell you how it sucked me in… The doctor talking went thru his information and why he recommends eating this way… I was listening…Mr. Fishy was listening… we were interested then the man started talking about no one listening to him because he was the third child… hehe,  he went into this and it cracked me up… talking about having to hunt down baby pictures since he was the third… OK that was funny enough… but then he started talking about his mom not listening to him even though he was a published author on this… I really was laughing… His mother went to the doctor and they ran tests on her and told her she needed medications to lower her cholesterol etc… she looked at the doctor and said wait a minute… she said she wanted to try diet…I cracked up!…she went home and read one of her son’s books and called him on the phone and said “why didn’t you tell me this sooner”? I laughed so hard… we really are that stubborn… His mother started following the plan and got her numbers lowered… great job!… then he goes on to discuss his father… too funny again. He says his father receives his food and the plates always appear then disappear meaning his dad had never set foot in the kitchen to cook or clean… so his mom played a trick on him and started substituting food and guess what  –  his numbers are down too…

Now before I introduce you to this doctor… I learned about this on PBS… I am only telling you this as it relates to me!

Here he is: Dr. Barnard’s “Weight Loss Kickstart” …. Even last week I would have looked at you and stubbornly said “No way!”… I am a meat and potato girl… but

He said a lot of things that hit me in the head… and he keep saying one over and over… give this 21 one DAYS…

So I decided what the heck… I started this yesterday… I got up and walked… then I had steel cut oats for breakfast… not so bad, I put in honey and smart balance butter…

the rest of the day was yummy too… I had all veggie wraps and last night I put in sauteed portabella mushrooms… yum.

I have made meatless chili today and I will let you know how it goes… I just want to get healthy and clean out my arteries…

This may not be the plan for you…but I felt so good this morning I hope it continues on…. this is critical for me… because I have a history of heart disease and although I am young I have had four heart attacks… lucky for me I haven’t had one in over five years… but I also have spent the last months working alot and I have gotten into some very bad habits… this doctor says eating this way could reverse some of the damage done to my heart… so after years of being stubborn and trying to ignore the problem… I am in!

I hope you will join in…. I am not pushing this plan on you… I just want to give it my all…keep you up to date on the progress… AND on day 21… I am taking and posting the results…  and the pictures…. here I come!

Thank you…. whatever your goals…. come here anytime… we support YOU!

Dr Barnard’s Program

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Love ya,

Have a fantastic day! Kindness pass it on!!!

Just keep swimming>>>> no really listen here!

OH and one more thing…
Then there IS this – read these…

8 responses to “News… News and then some… Come on over!…

  1. Ohhh Lisa, I can’t wait to get started!!! This is exciting!!!! Let’s do it! I will be watching for the journal and the letter everyday!
    Love ya!

  2. The journal idea is terrific. By the way, that movie “…the traveling pants” was cute.
    Good for you on the road to a fitter- fit. 🙂
    Keep ups the good work and be well!

  3. Keep up the good work! I’d love to be part of a traveling journal. How romantic!

  4. Sorry I got so busy–took the kids to the pediatrician yesterday and then today had a meeting all afternoon! But wow is this good news! What an exciting time we will have! And I am so proud of you!
    I want you to know i have not gone off my diet once but it is a really weird diet I made up myself…mostly vegetables, steamed , with grated cheese on top. i cannot give up cheese. 🙂 !!! And a yoplait, lite, for dessert. because i still haven’t started exercising i KNOW I have to take in less calories due to this. I really am proud of you, doing both. I want to get a walking tape that I can use in the bedroom. I think thsat both my husband and i would benefit from this and both of us would feel a LOT better!
    I am very excited about the journal! Keep me up to date! love you, jean!

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