I could NOT believe my ears?

The following is simply my opinion. It is the opinion of a woman that was at one time a single 22 year mother of a two year old.

Where are we going in this country?

I couldn’t believe my ears when the Casey Anthony verdict was read! Are you kidding me? Do we have to turn everything into a circus? I am a believer in education… everyday I wish I had more, and it becomes clearer the older I get…


Could we be too educated? I mean were the jurors “stupid” or were they given too much information and BS that didn’t even belong in the case? Were the instructions at the end simply so ridiculous and they couldn’t understand… or did they leave their intelligence at home… or what happened to common sense?…

This girl… that family…


Should an attorney be allowed to throw in such BS, that he can’t back up, just to screw with the jurors?… So… What?… It isn’t about justice anymore… It’s a huge game…. All the parties involved will gain an incredible amount of money for this carnival… By next weekend this “girl” will be out partying again…. Who will get in her way next?

I am totally disgusted with the way our country is going! We are too big for our britches and who is going to pay the price?

I think we are out of control and we need to simplify our laws…

In my opinion there is a special place for Ms Anthony and all those who helped her walk free!…


7 responses to “I could NOT believe my ears?

  1. I understand your frustration. I think there are some peculiarities in our legal system that leave it very flawed.

    Tossing It Out

  2. I totally agree with you. So sad! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your nice comments! Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi! It’s jean! I never (or rarely) discuss poltics, religion, or insane circuses like this. I understood however when the juror who finally did speak out said it made her sick to her stomach to aquit this girl for lack of evidence, but that was the problem. They never found the evidence they needed to convict her.
    One thing I do think i would like to say is that there should be a LAW against any persons involved in a case like this profiting afterwards from the unbearable tragedy of this little girl’s death. No one–not from the family, or from the jury, or from the law sector, should be able to make money off this case. What do you think? Small solace, but better than nothing.

    xox jean

    • Jean I like that idea, especially in this case, but I think that the best that we will be able to do is to not support those companies that pay anyone involved with this case. You are special and I appreciate you coming out to comment on this.

  4. I think the jurors saw an opportunity to advance themselves. Happy 15 minutes to them…Caylee deserved better.

  5. I just cant believe it. I am still in shock

  6. I totally agree, Lisa!! I could not believe my ears, either!!

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