Thank you BFFs….

I would like like to shout out our BFF  June “All Snook up” Contest Winner! This month I wanted to celebrate “best friends”. It is hard to get through the day without one! Erin’s comment really touched my heart and I felt like we all would understand were she is/was coming from.

“My best friend & I met through our sons wrestling team. My husband went to New Orleans for 18 months after hurricane Katrina to help there. I took my son to wrestling practice every night and sat there by myself. It was so hard because my mom had just passed away. I met Amy there with her son every night. Her mom had just passed away as well. We both were there, lonely every night. When we finally started talking, we became fast friends. We are inseparable now and I can’t imagine life without her! I love her so!

My best friend’s fave would be the shiny attitude necklace because that is her personality. She shines, sparkles and exudes happiness!”

I would also like to introduce you to Erin’s blog “My Nuggets of Truth” it is a very uplifting blog… Please check this out!

We also have “done” some changing here at Fishy Face Designs and I would like to tell you… We now have a like button on our FB FAN page… Please take a moment and give us a big Hawaiian punch…. heehee they keep me awake! Seriously I hope you will check us out when we get to 200 likes we are going to rock the house with a FB contest! Woot Woot… Thank you all… I appreciate YOU!


Hit the Facebook “Like” below and I promise that I won’t come to your house and sing!!

Please check out our Charities page!!! Let Us know your Charity so we shout out the cause!!!!

Have a fantastic day! Kindness pass it on!!!

Just keep swimming>>>> no really listen here!


OH and one more thing…

Then there IS this – read these…


9 responses to “Thank you BFFs….

  1. Lisa, I got an email saying that my necklace is on the way! Thank you for helping me celebrate my best friend, Amy! I also want to thank you for being such an upbeat, positive, encouraging person. It’s a bright spot everyday to read your posts!

  2. Good friends who share similar experiences are always wonderful to have. I lost my mother as well, but I was 16 at the time. Love your posts, and keep them coming!

  3. I clicked the Facebook button. I also attempted to listen to those videos but had to turn them off quickly.

    Tossing It Out

  4. I can see why you chose Erin and Amy to win. What a lovely story. I hope they enjoy your fabulous Jewellery.

  5. What an amazing story. I loved that! Thank you! And i have hit you with a big Hawaiian punch of course! xox jean

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