Dark Shadows…

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening or Night! I hope everyone is doing ok… Come on and join the comments and discussions… we are having a blast!

Today I would like to take you back in time and remind or introduce you to a couple of things that I remember.. Come along…

I love to sing, I mean I really do… even today I would die without tunes of all kinds. I love so many different kinds of music my ipod has one heck of a crazy mix! One of the first memories I have of my singing talent was around the age four, in the back yard screaming this song. Yes, overnight I went from singing to screaming and I must warn you the years have done nothing to improve my singing talent… so the music for your ears today will be a catchy tune by Peter, Paul and Mary, “Leaving on a Jet Plane”… feel free to join in and sing along…

I also remember this television show, the name anyway it actually took a visual on YouTube to bring it all back to life. I remember thinking at the time it was a cool show, now a (heehee) few years later I can see this had to of influenced horror/cult film makers of the day and maybe even now. The first YouTube is the pilot from 1966 it even has commercials from the day! Woot Woot!

I also remember the introduction of the Big Mac, McDonalds had a huge promotion.. Here is the jingle…

I also remember this song by the Hollies, “Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress)”… I remember seeing that as a child on the Midnight Special .. Cause I thought it was so cool my parents let me stay up to watch. Having that vast musical knowlegde lead to a few years later… Woot Woot at ten I was the winner of the name the song by yep you guess it, the Hollies.. hey I won a pair of jeans  on WROQ am with Russ Cassell, who heads up a morning radio program in my area today!

These are a few things I remember… Come on share some of your own!
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Just keep swimming>>>> no really listen here!


OH and one more thing…

Then there IS this – read these…


14 responses to “Dark Shadows…

  1. Kathleen VintageEye

    I had to sneak to my friend Mary’s house to watch Dark Shadows as my mother would not let me watch it. Mom said it would give me nightmares. Turns out she was right! I’ll still take Barnabas Collins over Lestat any day of the week!

  2. I love to reminisce and listen to these old songs. They take me right back to certain memories and put a smile on my face! :0)
    Thanks, Lisa!

  3. I was a young adult when Midnight Special was on TV and I rarely missed it. This was one of my favorite shows of all time. “Good Vibrations” is such a great song–nice video.


  4. I loved ALL of these growing up too! Dark Shadows was so creepy- remember the waves crashing against the cliff and the storm & then the graveyard…? All at 4 in the afternoon!
    And yes, Midnight Special brings back memories. Got me primed to stay up late to watch all of SNL- remember when THAT was new?
    I miss RosanneRosannadanna…
    Thanks for the smile this morning!

  5. Barnabas Collins rules! Always hated it when he didn’t appear on an episode. My Mom loved the show so we would watch it together. Thanks for the trip back down memory lane.

  6. May I introduce you, or reintroduce you, to my dear friend The Music monkey?
    his blog is fantastic and covers all things musical. I read his once weely entries andn love them.

    Lisa, you know I live to sing too but apparently I am perfectly awful at it. So Ionly sing when I I by myself. But then i sing it loud and sing it proud! I love all sorts of music but especially ballads and songs with a kick.
    I remember Leaving On a Jet Plane from my first year in college–everyone would play it over and over on the jukebox in the snack room! 🙂

    love, jean xox I hit your like button on face book! If you like the music monkey and his thoughtful posts, I hope you will hit the follow button for him on his site or on face book or both! xox again!

    • Jean thank you so much for introducing “The Music Monkey” I have had Mr Fishy add it to our blog roll. I also “Liked” him on facebook, I haven’t gotten a chance to read alot of his blog yet but I did read the post about a guy you know pretty well that plays in “The Ruse”. Hehe yes I know that you have said over and over that you like I love to sing it out loud, and both should do it for only our own ears!! But I have an idea, when you get down here for that Charleston trip, lets have a blast and walking down the beach or on the sidewalk lets give them a taste of us expressing our golden pipes where no none knows our name!!! Love ya.

  7. What a great memory! Repeats of Dark Shadows used to play after school when I was little..LOVED that show : ) As always, super great to click one of your Tweets! : )

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