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Good Morning All!!

As I was starting to write the Ms. Fit post today, I couldn’t get a post written by Jenny of Fitness Health and Food out of my head. I think that her post is very powerful and asked Jenny if I could reprint it it here. She agreed!!! Thanks Jenny!!  Her Post will speak to so many…  

Here  you go 🙂

Monday Motivation to Feel Uncomfortable Emotions

What happened yesterday really reminded me of something important. As frustrating and uncomfortable as it is to allow myself to feel the grief that accompanies the loss of both my dad and my sister, I have to or these painful emotions will simply stay with me and fester within my heart.

I used to do whatever I could to numb and distract myself from feeling emotional discomfort. My exercise addiction and disordered eating grew from my continuous attempts to push uncertainty and fear to the deep recesses of my mind. I’m not going to lie, I still don’t like these emotions, in fact I hate them. However, they are a necessary evil and the crying and crabbiness that result from them are also entirely necessary. The process of feeling these emotions actually allows me to move forward and heal.

What I encourage you to do sometime today is think of painful emotions that you might be avoiding.
Do you find that you have a hard time sitting quietly with your thoughts?

Do you have a general feeling of unease that you can’t shake?

If so, take some time to write, meditate, talk to yourself – whatever you need to do to bring these emotions to the surface so that they can be resolved and you can move forward in a happier and healthier way.

I would love to hear your thoughts on uncomfortable emotions. Do you have suggestions for anyone struggling to let these feelings come to the surface?”

Please take the time to comment, we have the best support sytem out there right here!!!

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Have a fantastic day! Kindness pass it on!!!

Just keep swimming>>>> no really listen here!


OH and one more thing…
Then there IS this – read these…


10 responses to “Ms. Fit…Reach Inside Style

  1. Reaching out to others for mutual support can be a big help. Just talking about one’s struggles can help find solutions. But it shouldn’t be for mutual commiseration or griping, but an effort to find constructive answers that will actually have results or at least bring comfort.

    Tossing It Out

    • Lee you are so right there is nothing productive about griping, and I hope that the honesty and the powerful stories will help us all with whatever we are struggling with. I find great comfort in the stories and comments that are left. Hey Lee!! Are you awake yet???

      Kindness Pass it On!!

      Just Keep Swimming!!

  2. 5 out of 6 of my children are grown and on their own. I have always had some kids left whenever one flew the coup. Now that I just have one left (he’ll only be home for o3 more yrs), I find myself becoming an emotional eater. I eat to not feel the impending loss of all of my kids being gone. It numbs me for a little while. I have tried to see this as a new found freedom where I will be able to finally do the things that I want to do and go where I want to go! I’m #winning! I’m going to beat this thing and have the time of my life!

  3. There are painful feelings and hurt emotions. I try telling myself that to let it bother me, get to me, bring me down, is my own doing. I chose to allow them to affect me.
    Grief and hurt are natural. We have to embrace all emotions to move forward. But it’s not nice, not fun, simply necessary. When we’ve moved past the point and recovered (so to speak), and we continue to let the emotions affect our daily lives and those around us, maybe it’s time to seek help. But if to do it yourself, simply turn your thoughts to happier times, cherished memories you were so blessed to have, and people who make you happy.
    It also helps YOU when YOU help OTHERS. 🙂

    • Thank you very much, everytime that I read your blog or you visit me I learn so much about you. I am so glad that you are my friend and I appreciate every word that you write on your blog and the words that you leave here. Together we can!

      Kindness Pass it On!!!

  4. Hi–this is a real step on the way to good health. I was really happy to see such a positive entry.
    I have friends I share my worries with, or i talk to my husband…sometimes I think of it as free talk therapy. It really lightens my burdens, whatever they might be.
    Another thing which helps me–although it doesn’t help everyone, and I don’t force this on people–are my religious beliefs. Once somebody said to me “God will provide” and I found that very comforting and love to think about that saying when I am feeling down about something which is going on in my life.
    Thank you for letting me share this with you xox jean

    • Jean,
      I appreciate you every time you leave a comment.. You are very thoughtful and always speak from your heart! One day my friend, we are going to hit the Charleston coast. I am glad you share so much here… it helps me… that I know for sure!
      Love you Jean,

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