Twas the night before vacation….

Good Morning…and (heehee) Good evening Lee…if you read tonight!

I would like to say thank you all so very much for your continued support of our Wednesday Ms. Fit post… (link to yesterdays post) I am so glad that you continue to read and follow along!

I would like to again give a shoutout to  Jenny for her continued support each week, it requires so much time to write for your own blog and business let alone contributing to someone else’s… Thank you JENNY you are great!

I appreciate all of you that support Ms. Fit each week. Thank you for reading.

Change of any kind takes a lot of courage, it is never easy stepping out of your comfort zone! I admire Jenny for her strength and courage. Her journey is remarkable (please read here)! I enjoy reading her blog each day, she practices what she preaches!

Each day we all struggle with our own demons,  all different, yet most of us can find comfort right here in the blogging community… It truly is a wonderful place to sound off and get involved with so many truly inspiring people!

Thank you all so very much for stopping by… I hope that you will take some time today, to share a story or some encouraging words for your fellow readers, or say hello and introduce yourself… WE CARE! So share yourself and your love!

I hope you will come back tomorrow for our “Beach Friday” with Seaside Simplicity  (here is a link to last week’s) … I think you will find tomorrow’s story fascinating ! In keeping with our Friday beach theme…. I want to leave you with this!!!!!

Twas the night before vacation … What shall we do?

We clean, wash and pack… Good Grief… Can’t we do “some” when we get back?

Bills to pay, laundry to wash… mail to stop… What… I still have to mop!

Sunscreen, ipods, buckets and scoops…Coolers, boogie boards…  and Betty Boop!

Chargers, PC’s… The family and me! Are we there yet!!! Geez, Let me BE!

I am changing my name… Don’t scream MOM… I didn’t lose “it”… Look down the hall!

No honey, I haven’t seen your swim trunks… pretty soon… Your all going in the TRUNK!

Stop touching me, give me my book… remember when it just took a “look”?

I am hungry… I gotta pee…. HELP, Someone save me!

Just when I wanted to scream… They fell asleep, in the back seat…looking so sweet….

Ah. Silence is golden… that’s what I say…. Shhhhhhh…. Let me pretend I am carefree in a cave.

Why do we have to stop for gas? The kids are sleeping… Wish we could pass.

We need a movie heehee…some device to gas up without stopping would be nice.

The kids are up arguing again… It’s my turn to say, Are we there yet?

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Have a fantastic day!


Just keep swimming>>>> no really listen here!


OH and one more thing…
Then there IS this – read these…


6 responses to “Twas the night before vacation….

  1. There’s always something, eh? Life is full of change and in the end that’s a good thing cause if it didn’t change it would get boring no matter how good it might be. I’m definitely hoping for changes for the better these days. Hope you have a nice vacation if that’s what you’re going to do.

    Tossing It Out

    • Good Morning Lee,
      I wish I was going on vacation… I just wrote that off of fun memories… thought it might give a few smiles to those packing up and heading out of town! Lee… I am screaming for a little change myself… I still believe!
      Just keep swiiming!

  2. What a lovely poem to read this morning. Thank you for brightening my day (and thank you for your sweet note on my own blog. It really made my day.

  3. I truly love your joy of life that comes through so expressively in your posts. I’m looking forward to the beach-themed reading. Well done and happy vacationing! 😉

  4. Discovering you was a real blessing, you transmit such positivitie! You have a tender phantasy presenting moments of life allways in a constructive and amusing way at the time and so real.. You know how to give a fairy touch to every moment of the life I wish your life has for ever a real fairy touch…..all the best with all my heart

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