Ms. Fit, presents “out of shape” Vent Style Wednesday…

Hello Everyone..

I hope you are having a fantastic week!!! Yay… it’s Wednesday!… Today is your day to praise, vent, acknowledge, gripe, plan, yell…
Just dive right in and EXPRESS yourself!…

My story is the same.. I can’t seem to get in a groove… So this past Monday I started a 90 day fitness program… (don’t ask how long these DVD’s have been sitting around in the original box they came in… I know shame on me.) I have learned it doesn’t matter what challenges you have in front of you, they cannot be addressed until “you” are truly ready to go there. So… LET’S GO!

I was helping webmaster move a TV into our bonus room… so I could workout to some noise (or at least have some entertainment while I am on the dreadmill) and I found out a few things…
One. Am I really that out of shape?
Two. Do we have oxygen in the house?
Three. Does he remember CPR?

So I really need to get going…. Come on friends… whatever your hurdle is…come share it with us.. We will love and support YOU, I promise!

I started the workout program and would like to do it everyday… it is very difficult and Ms. Fit is struggling to get thru these video’s…… but I got up Tuesday and did a little more… (Sing with me SISTA’S)… Can I get a wahoo!!!…

This is a scary time though.. Your head either gets pumped and excited and into the game… Or you give up and find something else to focus on…So, I sent this post to my support team leader and friend Jenny from Fitness Health and Food who has been offered the following insights and information to help me on my path. I enjoy reading Jenny’s blog very much. It has been very helpful as I work hard to find my groove again. I am old enough to realize I can’t tackle this alone.

“Ask Jenny”

“First, I want to thank Lisa for being so awesome and sharing her journey. I know that so many readers can relate to wanting to transition to healthier habits and also find the adjustment difficult. Lisa, you are so right about the importance of support. I often find myself forgetting how important the support of friends, family members, and strangers is to every aspect of life. Whenever I think that no one will be able to sympathize with what I am feeling, I am always proved wrong. So please do reach out, share, and support one another.

I want to assure Lisa and everyone else that healthier habits can be hard to adopt but I promise, it will get easier. Always remember to celebrate each of your accomplishments, no matter how small and inconsequential they may seem.

You are strong and you are capable. You can do this.”

I realize, straight up, I need support… and I like the fact that since I put this out there… I got SUPPORT>>>> thank you BUNCHES! Thank you Jenny! I appreciate all of your support. Please leave Jenny any questions for our “Ask Jenny” feature that you may have about your fitness journey here on the blog.

Thanks for stopping by…. I am so glad you did… Don”t forget our  BFF “All Snook UP” Gift Certificate Giveaway… Share your BFF story on a comment, and you and your BFF can win a $25.00 Gift Certificate…Each!

and also  please support Baking for Boobies…. My friend Cait at “Beyond Bananas” is working hard to raise money to do the 60 mile walk with friends and benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation… Please check out her “Baking for Boobies” post.. great great cause… Pass It ON


Have a fantastic day!


Just keep swimming>>>> no really listen here!


OH and one more thing…
Then there IS this – read these…


12 responses to “Ms. Fit, presents “out of shape” Vent Style Wednesday…

  1. Great job Lisa! I am hoping that reading your Wednesday workout blogs will inspire ME!

    xox jean

    • Thanks Jean… LOL I am hoping these words, my awesome friends and the fact my “cute clothes” just dont look so cute will help… not to mention… I want to feel better!
      Thank Goodness… we have a plan… or at least a great connection with our friend… Jenny of fitness, health and food! WOOHOO!

  2. I have been trying to walk 5 miles with my best friend every other night. The problem is, she is 15 years younger, 20 lbs lighter and gorgeomous. She wears these little shirts and shirts and there I am trudging along in all my plumpness. But I’ll get there…oh yes…I’ll get there! It’s making me eat less, eat healthier and I’ve joined with Jordan Rubin in Beyond Organics to sell the most wonderfu truly organic food!!! I’m getting healthy again!! Woo hoo! Can I get a holla!

    • Hi… Erin,
      YOU get bunches of holla’s…. shout outs and a woohoo….
      I am so glad you stopped by, i think we can make this work… I do so much better when I keep it real and focused. I am learning to talk a little nicer to myself and if I make a “mistake” it’s all good!I
      We can do this! I think it is simple we just have to support each other… and promise hehehe not to throw “our skinny” friends under the bus!

  3. lisa,
    i love the voice i hear when i read the Ms Fit posts. you are real and funny and accountable. a great combination for success! in my younger days (read: “pre-kids”), i was in great shape. then i let myself go for 13 years, i hit a critical weight and said “this madness has to stop”. for 4 months i have been doing hot yoga 3x/week and i tread when i can. i have only lost 7 lbs but i feel like a million bucks!!! it is helping to clear the negativity in my mind, tone my muscles, focus on the task at hand (inside the classroom and out). some days i am really strong in the routine and other days i am not. all days i am the heaviest person in the room. BUT I AM THERE. you are so right when you say that YOU have to be ready to go there.
    Keep up your great work!!!!!

    • Christine,
      YOU deserve a huge shout out… that rocks.. You should feel like a million bucks… that is very cool! I want to feel like that, I tease about my size 5 pants that I can’t wear right now..but in my heart I know that it never was the size fives… it was because “I” felt good… I want that again. I appreciate you following Ms. Fit… Together… we can!

  4. Lisa – congrats on making wellness your priority. It’s difficult. So easy to do work first, family, household and let yourself fall by the wayside. It takes daily determination – good luck!

    • Hi Maggie,
      I am so glad you stopped by… I do not understand why “we” don’t take care of ourselves when we have so many people counting on us.. I am definitely trying to ease back into the land of the healthy.. I don’t want to become obsessed but I do realize if I don’t make it apart of my routine… then this wont last. Thanks so much for your support. I hope you will come back and check out Ms. Fit again next Wednesday..
      I was so happy to see an e-mail from you this morning with a new post, glad you are back!

  5. I say gimme a Wahoo! WAAAHHHHOOO! You go girl! I’m not ready for the physical stuff yet, but I did just reup at Weight Watchers online last Saturday. Luckily my husband is doing it with me, so we can support each other. It’s much more fun that way! Good luck on your journey!

  6. I am loving all the support and love in the comments. What a perfect example of how much we can inspire and motivate each other! 🙂

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