little pig..little pig…..

Good Morning,

Evertime I see this Geico commercial it cracks me up… Look at the MOM’S face as she is driving.. I laugh everytime… So please enjoy this and the other YouTubes!

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 Have a fantastic day!


Just keep swimming>>>> no really listen here!


OH and one more thing…

Then there IS this – read these…


12 responses to “little pig..little pig…..

  1. OOOOh Lisa–I love that Geico commercial–and you outdid yourself with the amazing
    Christopher Walken as well. He also appears in a Fatboy Slim song, dancing all over a hotel, defying gravity!!! You have to see that one!!! You will love it!

    xox jean

  2. Hiya, living in England I’ve never seen a Geico commercial thanks for that its very funny. I love the Christopher Walken skit too. Like Jean I love the Fatboy Slim video – one of my all time favourites!

  3. That is a fab idea! My absolute favourite has to be Harvey:

    I also love a sexy Farmer and this has three! Four if you count the girl.

  4. My favorite Geico commercial is “Do woodchucks really chuck wood?” Love it!! Although, I do like the piggy one, too!

  5. delete my last comment, i wrote the wrong comment!!!

    that geico commercial cracks me up, thanks so much for the comment on my blog 🙂

  6. Don’t watch much TV but actually looked forward to the pig and the woodchuck ads! Thanks for the good laugh!

  7. I love the Geico little pig! He is soooo cute. My other favorite is the Pot Hole! Cracks me up

    • OMG… you have to meet my daughter…. Did I do that heeeheee the pothole is our favorite… we stayed on that one the longest time… then on little pigs what got me was the look on the moms face while she was driving… LOL I have been there… and Mr. fishy loves the woodchuck one! Have a fantastic day Dede!

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