Have you seen Pinky the SHOE?…

Good Morning,

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Today I am just having fun, I thought light and silly could be nice, so I wrote about PINKY the shoe. I hope you have a good time with it.

Thank you again for hanging out… I always look forward to your visit!

Have you seen Pinky the SHOE????

Oh, Wow!!! I was super excited…Pinky the SHOE was in the store front window, so beautiful with the lights and decorations. When the Sales Associate carefully picked her up…She was sparkling….

I can’t wait… I can’t wait to put Pinky on… I have the perfect dress…

Pinky would sing to me everyday on my lunch hour… The “Take Me Home Tonight” song, and “Girls JUST Wanna Have Fun“…..heehee are two of the songs that I would sing in my head each day …I can still hear her calling to me.…“Come back, come back… We will look beautiful together!“. Some days I could feel the burn…KNOWING I was getting the “stare down”. I knew she was focused on trying to get me to make “eye contact”.

This pursuit went on for several weeks… Pinky singing songs, staring, I kept waiting for her to stomp her foot.

Back to the Sales Associate, she carefully picked up Pinky and went in the back to retrieve her match and box. I continued looking around… I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get home… I had everything picked out, the dress, the cute jacket, my new necklace, PINKY would put it all together. Cool. So cool!

When the Sales Associate brought the box to the counter… Oh, wow!… It was beautiful, shiny, sparkly there were rhinestones and jewels and glitter… I am in love with a box.. PINKY the SHOE was written in black… I can not believe my reaction. Am I nuts?… I seriously LOVE this box… ok I am excited now…hurry lady, Pinky and I have a date.

I paid for my shoes and grabbed my box, it’s the cutest box ever, and off we went. I was trying to hurry because I knew I had a couple of other stops before getting Pinky home.

I was off to pick up my dry cleaning, a few groceries and as I was walking along, a thought popped into my head… Why is Pinky so quiet? I really found that odd considering how much she sang to me each day, patiently waiting for me to take that leap and buy her… Hmm, I thought maybe she just doesn’t like the dark? I put it out of my mind and finished my errands.

Into the house I went. I was kinda skipping now, so excited, I put the groceries away, hung up my dress, put Pinky on the bed and jumped in the shower. I had plans and I couldn’t wait.. I just love new shoes! I was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair when I realized I left Pinky alone in the dark awesomely delicious shoe box. So I hurried and jumped out, dried off, and skipped off to the bed to shine some light…heehee…on Pinky the SHOE.

As I was headed toward the bed, I was jamming to the tunes and decided to go ahead and put my dress on…WOW!..this is great.

Off to the bed I went, as I removed the lid, this box is the coolest shoe box, my thoughts drifting off to what I am going to use the shoe box for, seriously I can’t just throw it away… I lift the lid and my heart sinks… there is only ONE PINKY the SHOE!!!!

Just keep swimming>>>> no really listen here!

OH and one more thing…
Then there IS this – read these…

5 responses to “Have you seen Pinky the SHOE?…

  1. Don’t worry because I remember Pinky–you already have the other Pinky!

    So…you have two…
    of Pinky the shoe!!!

    and Pinky, the shoe, after all, is, “just the right shoe” , as they say! 🙂

    xox jean!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment! You always leave really thoughtful comments 🙂

    I love the videos, especially the Nemo video. It’s a perfect life motto.

  3. Haha that’s so amusing, and it sure made me smile early this Saturday morning. 😉

    The Cat Hag

  4. Just stopping by to remind you that it’s beach party time! 🙂

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