Let’s Celebrate Good News!…BFFs… Come ON…Share your GIRL POWER!


How are you? I am so glad you stopped by… I have a few very special things to talk about today… I am so excited!!!…

But first… If you didn’t see our post from yesterday… it’s all about Ms Fit and “Ask Jenny”… Check it out… We are so lucky girls… Jenny’s site Fitness Health and Food is jam packed with a lot of healthy lifestyle information. Exactly the refresher course I was in need of! Please drop Jenny a line via comments on that post ,or hop on over to her blog…

I am excited to say she will be contributing to my “Ms. Fit” and “Ask Jenny” post weekly… Very Cool! So welcome Jenny!!!!!

Now…. Drum ROLL. Please…
For the month of JUNE Fishy Face Designs would like to celebrate THE BFF with a giveaway!…..
Girl POWER! LETS GO Positive..

I want you to too shout to the roof tops about your BFF.. Why is she so awesome to you? How long have you been friends? Did it just click? Is it your Mom, sister or cousin…. college buddy from school?… Share your stories…For June we celebrate OUR BFF’s… Link your photos, tell your story…

Enter this giveaway for a chance to win (BFF can enter too…Doubles UP your chances!) $25.00 in gift certificates x’s 2… One for each of you!…This giveaway is open to our international friends as well.

How to enter (Required)
Leave a comment on this post by sharing a favorite story about your BFF… tell us why she makes your world a better place…
Go to our website  Fishy Face Designs Jewelry and PICK HER out a necklace… come back and leave a comment about why she would love it…(if you win this does not have to be the necklace that she picks out with the gift certificate).

Additional entries! (optional)
Please leave a separate comment for each

Read one other post and leave a comment…
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This giveaway will run from today until midnight 06/24/2011
The winner will be picked at random

I am so excited about this give-away… I can’t wait to read the stories about your BFFs…
I hope you all will share funnies, triumphs, marriage, births…milestones…

This will be awesome! ..
So get your girl power on!…. Thank you for entering this giveaway…
Now before you share your BFF story…

We have some announcements to make for some other giveaways and a couple of other important things!

I would like to do a special shout out to a friend we recently met, Cait of “Beyond Bananas“ blog… She is having an old fashioned bake sale, and calling it…“Baking for Boobies”. All proceeds will be donated to the Susan G Koman Foundation. You can read all about the rules for winning or if you want to donate on her link above. Please lets all help Cait raise a boatload of money for this great cause.

Our winner for the monthly “All Snook-up” give-away on our website for May is Jess from Guernsey. Jess won “Princess of the Abby” necklace. Way to go Jess!

Jenny held a giveaway for our “Balloons, Hearts and Bubbles” necklace on her blog Fitness Health and Food over the Memorial Day weekend that we announced here in our POST. The winner was Danielle of “Shrinking and Studying”
Thanks Jenny!…Enjoy it, Danielle!..

And finally we want to let everyone know about the Start of Summer Sale on our website. Simply use Coupon code I9P16O77EA7 at checkout to get $10.00 off any purchase of $20.00 or more!!! with Free Shipping. Yes, we have Paypal Payment.

So I sincerely hope that you have a really great time with this… Please pass the word on!…

Just keep swimming>>>> no really listen here!

OH and one more thing…
Then there IS this – read these…

15 responses to “Let’s Celebrate Good News!…BFFs… Come ON…Share your GIRL POWER!

  1. No need to enter me because I’m already getting a fabulous piece thanks yo your generous coupon 🙂

    But thank you so much for being so sweet and complimentary 🙂

    I LOVE my mom because she is unconditionally supportive loving and stronger than she will ever realize 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great start to your day! 🙂

  2. My best friend has stuck by me through thick and thin.. even when there have been times when I wasn’t the best of friends. See – when I was in a controlling relationship.. my friendships were controlled, so I kind of left my friends behind. But Christina – she knew what was up.. alway checking in to make sure I was okay.. and to be honest, I didn’t even know if I was. When my life fell apart.. shehelped me pick up the pieces. We don’t get to see each other as often as we used to be.. but she is AMAZING and I am BLESSED to haveher in my life!

  3. Once again a great post and it looks like an exciting giveaway! My BF is amazing – well they both are which leaves me in a quandary … and then there is my Mum … *sigh* … well I do like a challenge. Let me have a think!

  4. love your optimistic outlook on life!!

  5. My mom is my best friend, but she is on the other side of the world. But despite time differences, we chat every day. That time is a no go time for me – I am busy 🙂

    She is a wonderful mother who has become my best friend (though hubby is pretty close to, but he does not meet the girl power requirement).

  6. I have so many stories about my BFF I have to pick one! And pick a necklace for her – I will be back!!!

  7. I have a BFF. But I don’t get to see her anymore. SHe lives in MA and I live in VA. SHe and I spent years living together and helping each other out. She gave me a place to live in a rough time and I watched her 2 AWESOME kids so she could work extra to pay off her debts. We laughed a LOT Cried even more and played some mean Scrabble games late at night. I miss her like crazy cakes but she is always in my heart. I have 2 kids now and think of her almost every day.

  8. My best friend & I met through our sons wrestling team. My husband went to New Orleans for 18 months after hurrican Katrina to help there. I took my son to wrestling practice every night and sat there by myself. It was so hard because my mom had just passed away. I met Amy there with her son every night. Her mom had just passed away as well. We both were there, lonely every night. When we finally started talking, we became fast friends. We are inseparable now and I can’t imagine life without her! I love her so!

  9. My best friend’s fave would be the shiny attitude necklace because that is her personality. She shines, sparkles and exudes happiness!

  10. This is a wonderful blog!!!! My twitter BBF is @MeetJuliet and I also adore DeDe @DivaCafe bith Women love to help and promote others and share the wealth and influence. My kinda people!!! Keep on Swimming and Don’t Stop Dating!!!!

  11. Baloons, hearts and bubbles necklace is perfect for my BFF. She makes me happy every time I feel down, or shares my joy when I am up. She is my true sister and this necklace reminds me of her!

  12. I won the Princess of the Abby Necklace, it is beautiful……I wore it to a party & everyone complimented me on it as it was so unusual – i rocked!!!
    Thanks – I love it


  13. I met Rita in 1964, and we became best friends growing up. Even though we went our separate ways after high school, we remained close. About 7 years ago we lost touch, and no amount of internet searching turned her up. It was an eerie feeling, to not know where she was or to hear from her. Several weeks ago, I posted on my high school’s face book fan page that I was looking for her, and got a message from her younger sister! Within a few days, Rita and have were reconnected and babbling on email like crazy. It is a long story how we got separated, but now we are both age 55 and back in sync!

  14. Woo hoooo!!! Thank you so much! I love my BFF, Amy. If I had to pick a sister, it would be her!

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