Ms. Fit. Adventure and Vent away Wednesday…

Good Morning!!!

As you all know, I have been complaining about gaining 15 lbs. So, my size 5’s from last summer do not, I repeat do not fit! Now for those of you that think that I am just focused on the size 5 number, actually I am not. It was a time when my body actually felt comfortable. I was eating better but I never have really been a big water drinker. Now, for the most part I do really eat pretty clean and healthy (well, aside from the candy) Right now I see that my two biggest problems are  number 1 is candy for sure and Number 2 being a lack of exercise, since I have started working from home.

 It has been 5 years since I have lifted weights and I remember how I loved it so. It was power and I loved it. I was benching and squatting 180 lbs (not bad for someone 5’1”), now I find it hard to lift the bar with proper form. At that time, I was lifting and working out everyday of the week and was having squat competitions with my coach on Saturdays. There was talk from him about maybe coaching me for statewide squat and bench press competitions. To tell the truth, I am the kind of person that always goes all out on something (sometimes a bit compulsive).

I guess part of this journey is to also find balance and a happy medium between working out, getting healthy again, eating right, and all the other things in my life. When I do work out I get so in tuned to it I find it hard really to do anything else, then of course I feel good, look good and am totally burnt on it. I am hoping that with help and chronicling my rocky journey once a week that I will be able to start finding some balance.

To help me I have asked Jenny from Fitness Health and Food  to work with me offering insights and information to help me on my path. I enjoy reading Jenny’s blog very much it has been very helpful as I work hard to find my groove again. Once a week when I have my “Ms. Fit Adventure” update we will be including “Ask Jenny”, a once a week feature where Jenny will give insight into my progress or answer questions from you, my readers. The following is the start of the “Ask Jenny”. I hope that you don’t mind, I went first, hehe!!

“Ask Jenny”

“Hello everyone! First I want to thank Lisa for inviting me to share some thoughts on her post. I so appreciate how honest and open she is with her personal challenges because I think that so many of us can relate to what she is going through.

I think we all struggle with finding that healthy balance in all of our activities both with work, school, family, diet, and certainly with fitness. I used to struggle a great deal with continually pushing my physical limits. If I wasn’t training for a race or losing weight then what was the point?

What helped me transition to a healthier balance was to find activities that I most enjoy and relish in specific aspects of the activity. Let me give you an example. I love running, particularly during the warm weather. I love running because of the way sunshine and breeze feels on my skin. I love how working up a sweat cleanses my body. I enjoy the fact that staying active improves my sleep, appetite, work, and overall mood. I love that I can run with husband and pup and see how much they too enjoy the experience. I love the feeling of my body in motion. I truly could go on and on.

Try different activities and find the ones that you most enjoy. Also remember that it takes time to form healthy habits. You may not love being active in the first few weeks that you start. However, I promise you that it will get easier and you will begin to feel the positive effects of all of your energy and hard work.

Regarding diet, one tip that I would like to offer in regards to what Lisa shared is that no food should be off limits provided you feel that you can eat it in healthy amounts. When I struggle with eating too much of a particular food (chocolate, cookies, etc.), I stop buying that food until I am able to eat it in healthy portions.

In fact, my husband and I have decided that we simply can’t bake cookies and brownies because, if they are in the apartment, we eat too many of them. I still enjoy these delicious desserts from time to time, but I buy them one at a time from a bakery instead.

I want to close by sharing a mantra that I use time and time again, ‘progress not perfection’. When we strive for perfection we will always fail because it is simply unattainable. Take pride and joy in each of the small steps that you take toward a healthier balance. I promise you, they will pay off.


Fitness Health and Food”

Thank you Jenny for taking the time to really address the issues that I am struggling with. Please ask Jenny any questions, share positive feedback, share stories in a comment.

Thank you for supporting me, I am leaving you with some motivational Youtubes and one question…What is you favorite activity?

And just for some fun, for all the students and teachers out there!!!

Just keep swimming>>>> no really listen here!

OH and one more thing…
Then there IS this – read these…

12 responses to “Ms. Fit. Adventure and Vent away Wednesday…

  1. uugghh, you leave me no choice but to join you, lol. Geeeez. okay…I have to go to the grocery store this week…then I’m in.

  2. love the phrase “progress not perfection”. perfect mantra for all of life. screwing up a little less today than we did yesterday!

  3. This is why I love visiting here. I still have some to watch but already I am facing the day, with a better attitude. Thanks so much.

  4. Hi, thanks for your caring words on my blog and Just Keep Swimming.

  5. I am really liking Jenny’s suggestion of not baking sweet treats at home… now why did I not think of that too? 😉

    The Cat Hag

  6. Thanks for your sweet comments! And you give great advice 🙂 Staying in shape is hard.

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