Behind the Scenes…Ms. Fit Style…

Hello!! Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. If you missed our tribute to our HEROES please check it out here.

I wish that I could reach through this computer…and hug you all! What a fantastic week that we have had. Friends, friends and more friends, you guys are awesome! We are having so much fun meeting you all. We have met new friends, posted about our heroes, posted a giveaway, had winners, filled orders…Awesome deliciousness!!! There is so much to talk about this week but before I get started I want to again say thanks for stopping by and hangin‘ out…

My week started by looking for something in my bonus room, what I found was my “good intention Ms. Fit pieces”. That stack of unused exercise equipment bought in moments of weakness during late night TV viewing (ok, ok, there is some really good stuff too: squat rack, weight bench, spinner bike, heavy bag, decline bench, 400 pounds of iron weight). But then as I was closing the door I thought to myself “self, if you actually used that stuff you might fit into that cute little skirt again”. So I got up early the next morning and cleaned it out, ready to begin anew. After working all day I got ready and went upstairs to my shiny equipment…and…just sat there. I was exhausted from cleaning the room and working all day the only energy I had left was for the tanning bed. At that moment I saw that for me I have to work out first thing in the morning or I won’t do it at all. So I have been slowly starting to walk on my “dreadmill” and working up the courage to do what I really love to do, when I work out – lift weights.

While I was doing some reading about lifestyle changes, I came across a very cool article, I wish that I could tell you where, but I just can’t remember (I will post a link when I find it again). The post had a lasting impact on me. A brief overview of it is that it was about a couple who had overslept through their alarm. Although she was running late the women in the story didn’t let it effect her workout. She just carried though with her normal workout routine. I think that the reason that it sticks in my mind so much is that although she was late she didn’t make any excuses and followed up with her own plans and did her workout. I on the other hand make excuses for everything. Reading her post made me realize that fit bodies are made not born.

Here is some other pretty cool stuff that went on around here last week.

I got some of the stuff I won! I mentioned last week that I had won a Dove Nourishing Haircare system package from a Social Moms Twitter party. Not only did I receive full size products (that work great) but also a $20.00 Target gift card! The very next day came the Soft Flex Stretch Magic and Special T Glue, that I won at the Soft Flec Girl blog. This is some wonderful stuff and I have been having a great time trying to work with it, while I learning some new techniques with a new, for me…medium.

While I was over on Carmi’s Art Life World blog I saw another medium that I really wanted to try that gels with my style pretty well. She had a giveaway for Candie Cooper’s new DVD “Remixed Media”. The winner was randomly drawn on comment number, I won it. Now I have more new things to play with. It just doesn’t get better!…

Finally, I just wanted to point out a couple of new giveaways that I found in my travels as well. One is at Painting with Fire, where Barbara is having a giveaway a set of beads valued at over $75.00. She is having the giveaway to celebrate that Amazon has included the “Look Inside” feature of her book “Torch Fired Enamel Jewelry: A Workshop in Painting with Fire” . Fascinating stuff! The second that I wanted to mention was over at Art by Canace, where she is having a giveaway for an assemblage entitled “Talents” that is created within a wooden cigar box. She will be giving this assemblage away to a randomly drawn name from those who leave a comment on her blog.

Please continue to keep following…
As I head out on my great new “Ms. Fit Adventures” .

So, what did you do last week?

Just keep swimming>>>> no really listen here!

OH and one more thing…
Then there IS this – read these…

8 responses to “Behind the Scenes…Ms. Fit Style…

  1. I knew I stopped by here for a reason, I just looked in the mirror and said you really need to get back to the gym this week!! Then log on here and what are you talking about? lol Maybe your post will give me the motivation I need. Have a great week Ms. Fit!!

  2. HI Lisa! Sounds like a great weekend! I over ate BIG time this weekend (so much fun!) so my goal today is a class at the gym to balance. It’s always hard getting there but once I do, I am so happy. Can’t do anythign home with the kids so I’ve learned to leave the house to exercise!!

  3. There’s always time to exercise. Even if the alarm doesn’t go off or you hit snooze too many times. there’s always later in the day or some other ways to work the muscles. It feels so good for the body and mind, no one should miss a workout. *I’m a bit obsessed aren’t I?! Oh well… 🙂

    • Thanks for the movtivation!….I noticed this morning after my workout that I really did feel so much better…I appreciate you stopping by, and giving me support…I am on the path to learning that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing…

  4. Hiya,
    Another great post and now I’m at WordPress I can subscribe! I know how you feel about gym equipment and well done for giving yourself a kick start. As a generously proportioned lady – I like to think Rubinesque – I really need to give myself a kick as well. Its just a shame Lindt keep making chocolate!

    • OMG I do so love chocolate!.. and I know for sure there have been times I would of eaten a chocolate covered shoe…this time it really isn’t about size for me, as much as it is about when I felt my best which is when I was exercising regularly…I am just looking to be in shape…I read in a friends blog the other day that it’s all about balance…guess that is what I am trying to do…Just find balance….

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