I just wanna blog with my friends!…

What would you do if I wrote out of tune??? Would you click off twitter on me?

What do you feel, when you read my words…Does the effect have appeal?

I just wanna blog with my friends….Read about my new friends….type to my new friends…

What would you do, if my message didnt go through…Would you realize computers can be cruel?

I just wanna blog and make new friends… Hang out in dens with my friends….

What would you do, if I poured out my heart…and wrote words you didnt like?

Could you leave me a message or comment, a short note to explain…How it felt, what it meant, and how it went!

I just wanna hear from my friends…I cant wait to tweet my friends…I get 140 characters from a birdie and friends….

That SAYS!!!!

I just wanna blog with my friends…Hang out and conquer the world with my friends….

Who leaves me the best messages to read… I don’t wanna get by without my friends…

I just wanna blog with my friends!

I just wanna say “thank YOU>>>” to my friends…

I just wanna tell you I have the best friends…

Singing nightly in a basement so far away… Only the dirt is left to run-away!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the tunes!

OH and one more thing…
Then there IS this – read these…

8 responses to “I just wanna blog with my friends!…

  1. You are so sweet, I so enjoy reading through thoughts. Well….in answer to one of your questions..A message you left on the 12th…just came through my blog today. I guess blogger is still fixing problems from a week ago..how did I feel?? first wondered what else I missed, and second gave me a warm smile because you are always so thoughtful!!

    • Blogger has just gone crazy… I was thinking about that the other day… WE sure do have alot invested.. when this goes down it is super scary…UMMM I need to get my stuff backed up! That cracks me up about that comment….heheheeh guess you never know when or where I will show up!
      Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. I love this poem, Lisa! Love, love, love it. It’s so lyrical.

    I was caught up in the Blogger mess too. What a nightmare!

    The Artful Crafter came back online in 3 days – not too bad.

    My beauty website, Ageless Beauty, was out of commission for 7 days! I could only put up my daily posts in draft form but couldn’t publish them. I hope I didn’t lose many followers. Like you say in your poem …

    “I just wanna blog with my friends…”

    • Thank you for your words, makes me feel so good when someone enjoys….Having my site down for so long would of driven me totaly nuts, I am so glad that things are starting to straighten up now for everyone on blogger…things will probably be weird for a little bit while comments that were left will start to magically appear….Thanks Eileen, have a great weekend

      Just keep swimming…

      “I just wanna blog with my friends…”

  3. What a fun post!
    I always say I love my computer because my friends live in it 🙂

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