Behind the Scenes…UPS Style…

What a fantastic week last week was! So many interesting things happened. I would like to share with you the story of my daughter and the UPS monster, HIGHLIGHT some fantastic blog hosts and share a song or two. Each week we try to share or introduce wonderful people, articles, cool music and anything else that happens to pop into my head. I hope you enjoy the YouTube video and additional reading at the end of the post, as well.

Twitter me this Batman “what can brown do for you”.

The one time our daughter asked us to mail her something, her very valuable things (i.e., jewelry, papers, etc). This is what happened.

Started off great! Made it to the UPS store…

The UPS Store
At first it went great, our friendly neighborhood UPS dude, made a perfectly sized box and carefully bubble wrapped everything. 

Building the boxBubble wrapping

And here it is signed, sealed yet not yet delivered, ready to go out the door to a very excited child.

The Package Guy

Child calls on the happy day, I expect accolades and thank you, mommies. I received “OMG, IT’S NOT MY STUFF”. at that moment my stomach sank thinking about what was in the box and whose hands may be all over my daughters things that were contained in the wayward box. A tense couple of hours followed, while the UPS store tried to find out were the box went… Daughter frantic… Not happy waiting around we looked at the picture and low and behold, we were able to zoom in on the address of were her box went… Daughter calls in a panic… Which while in a nice area no where near where it needed to go. We informed the UPS store, they informed who they need to, satellites linked up and eureka the package was found (our local UPS store really did an awesome job, of correcting the problem). They called and said it would be there on Tuesday. I sat around on Tuesday expecting accolades and thank you, thank you mommie. What I got was “oh, yeah I got it, thank you”. Your welcome baby, I love you….

Well we survived that, now here are some other things that happened, not as tense but as exciting:

We won a giveaway put on by Cyndi at Beading Arts blog. What caught my eye when I entered the contest was what the necklace was made of and it’s meaning. It’s made of spent military brass then cast into a peace sign with the words “Never Again” made by Cherry Tree Beads. Cherry Tree Beads is trying to get this necklace marketed nationwide to benefit our soldiers who are returning home from war with injuries. It is beautiful and I wear it all the time. Thank you Cyndi, Bill and Bebe

I love to visit Jean at her Blog “Snap out of it Jean! There’s beading to be done!”  every morning, to see if her dolls have come out to play. Please check out these dolls, we even gave you the link. So one morning I dropped by and she had a link for a giveaway for Soft Flex Stretch Magic and Special T Glue, that we entered at Soft Flex Girls blog and won. Now being the adventurous soul that I am can anyone help me figure out a plan, I am super excited to learn how to make a new band?  Thank you Jean and Sara!

We joined a network for women called Social Moms – Where Smart Moms Connect. A wonderful community by a mom for moms that has discussions, forums, twitter parties, blog network, just name it. The first day that we signed up, webmaster master saw on twitter that they were having a party discussing summer hair put on by Dove Nourishing Haircare. I wish that you could of been sitting here with us as we tried to figure out how to be a part of the chat, but we did get in eventually, had a blast chatting with people from all over and then, yes you guessed it, we were the random drawing winner for the Dove Nourishing Haircare system. So go on over and check them out on both their website and on Twitter – it’s Where Smart Moms Connect.

Finally, we would like to give a big shout out to our Twitter friend Flower and Bud Handcrafted Jewelry Blog. Check out out her wonderful jewelry, I love the guitar pick earrings. and while you are there ask her about her armless office chair ride.

OH and one more thing…
Then there IS this – read these…

12 responses to “Behind the Scenes…UPS Style…

  1. You were fortunate that UPS was so diligent in their search on your behalf. I wonder if they are always that good. I have a wonderful UPS man who delivers to my house so I also appreciate them.

  2. kids today are so different, i used to thank my mom so much for just some cotton candy. nowadays, i don’t know what it takes. my daughter is five but i don’t see the same enthusiasm in her when she gets things.

  3. Wow, thank you so much for the Shout Out! Very Cool! I am honored and well at a loss for words. You Rock!!!

  4. Im sorry about the fiasco with ups. you did a great job telling a riveting story though. thanks for all your kind comments on my blog, its nice to find your blog. sorry but for some reason the caps and punctuaion isnt working from my phone so my comment looks odd. flower and bud is a fellow denverite,so thanks for giving her a shoutout

    • Thank you for the kind words, it was quite the adventure…stop by any time. Sorry about your phone, they just don’t understand how important punctuation can be to us humans. Giving Flower and Bud a shoutout is well deserved, gotta love someone who rides in armless office chairs…

  5. what a cute post! You should send it to UPS 🙂

    love from San Francisco,

  6. Thanks to Flower and Bud for providing the link to you in her blog. Really enjoyed reading! So glad the UPS guys found your parcel.

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