Life is GOOD>>> Living is BETTER!!!

Life is Good…
Living is great….
When you share… what’s on your plate.!!!

Life is good!
Living is great…

Do you have too much on your plate?
What’s your mood?
How do you shake off the blues?

How will your yesterdays be defined…
Can you share what is going on in your mind?

Do you dream of wild crazy nights…
or romance and candlelight?

Do you remember how to dance under the moonlight…
Peace and love are the only moods…

Holding the one you love tight…
Wishing on stars… with all your might…

Do the stars light your way…
Allowing all your troubles to float away.

Do you absorb the sunshine, share the warmth
live and laugh out loud….shout and pass it around?


Life is good…

Just don’t crowd your plate.
Carefully arrange your plate
Open your gate!
Open your mind…allow yourself to shine.

Do you share your plans
Hold your ground?
Take a stand?
Are you solidly on the ground
or always lost and roaming around?

Is your home light and bright
with love that flows day and night
Or is it dark and dank?
with tension and stress so much that your heart sank.

Have you reached your mountain top?
Or are you stuck in a valley rut?

Life is good…
Living is GREAT!

I would just like to thank you… for stopping by.

I get so excited when I hear from you…
I enjoy reading your blogs, all of them. It is so exciting getting to know you all. What you write about and your interests. I have laughed, cried, shared good and bad times…I have learned things I didn’t know… I am having the time of my life…I love the relationships we are building …so please when you drop by I hope you enjoy what you find in the posts, pictures, music, jokes, Krump’s little adventures…. and if there is anything you would like to talk about… Just drop me a line!

Just keep swimming>>>> no really listen here (click on the play button right above)!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


OH and one more thing…
Then there IS this read these…
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12 responses to “Life is GOOD>>> Living is BETTER!!!

  1. wow these are such lovely words, keep it up! x

  2. Love the title…Life is good…Living is better. There is a vast amount of difference between people who are alive and people who are living. One thing I like to think about as a Christian is that Romans 12:1 says that I can present myself as a LIVING

  3. oops…didn’t get to finish as a LIVING sacrifice….When I live for God I give myself as a present to Him…Now that’s living!

  4. I love what you write. I think I have told you that you uplift me. I believe that a positive attitude makes all the difference and that closing oneself off to what the world offers is really a waste. We have this chance to make great friends all over the world–it is the first time ever–via the internet–and I am loving meeting wonderful, enthusiastic, sweet people like YOU!

    all love, jean xox

    • Jean,
      Thank you, It took me a long time to realize that grumpy wasn’t the way to go, it wasn’t working for me. I was so wrapped up in the negativity of those around me, one day I said enough was enough. So I think that I am finally getting it, and trying to find my way, with the help of friends…

  5. Each time, I visit here, I find more to enjoy.

  6. Hey Lisa, such fun words! Thanks for putting it out there! It is a wonderful time for connecting and meeting new friends.

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