Where were YOU?

These are a few of the TV commercials that I remember from being a child of the 70’s. Come take a walk back with us, bet that you haven’t heard these in a really long time (if ever). The last 3 are just some interesting happy songs that I found for everyone to brighten up your day…Enjoy…

Just Keep Swimming…


And then there’s this…
3 Firefighters and a Dream…
Would you…Could you…Do you care?…
Boys Drool…


11 responses to “Where were YOU?

  1. what great memories, I remember really liking the Coke commercial, I love music so anything with singing in it rings home. I’mgoing to share it on my facebook page!

    • Good Morning Dee,
      I love all kinds of music as well… and I sing all the time (feel “real” sorry for all those who have to endure that). I was little when the coke commercial came out…but I remember singing that song all the time… My mom said Captain Kangeroo was also a favorite of mine but without the internet to remind me… I can’t seem to remember watching that show… Good times!
      Thanks Dee

  2. hehe these are before my time but love the coke commercial!

    ❤ steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. I loved this whole thing! You did a great job! As always 🙂

    xox jean!

  4. PS: that is david naughton in the Dr. Pepper commercial. he hit it big in An American Werewolf in London (a film) and later appeared in many Law and Order episodes!

    • Knew I like you for a reason!…I did know that but totally forgot what his name was…what I remember most from the commercail was how it effected me like a “it’s a small world”…over, and over, and over….playing in your head…hehe

  5. I just watched all of these!!! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane ~ awesome!!

  6. Wow, I definitely remember these! What a fun walk down memory lane!

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