Git you some…

HeeHee, What were you thinking?

For you Mommies whether it’s your first or your fiftieth , this is your annual chance to put all the eyes on YOU. Now we know not every mom has the time to take an entire day off from mothering to sleep in or head off to the spa or go shopping. No problem! Here some ideas for the busy mom that can fit into your full day and cost a little. Enjoy!

I Can’t get out of the house right now.

1. Let someone else clean: You know that you have wanted to forever. The time is now – just this onetime! Hire a professional so you can sit back and enjoy your clean, fresh kitchen, while you don’t lift a pinky.

2. Lotion up: Start your day with a post-shower intensive moisturizing session. We all buy that wonderful bottle fully expecting to use it (when I have the chance), but most likely that shiny bottle just sits there forever while knees, toes and elbows get lizard like. Take ten minutes smoothing a deliciously scented lotion on yourself, and enjoy a lifting of your spirits on your day.

3. Smoothie Time: Get that blender out and mix some Greek yogurt, fruit, little honey and touch of vanilla and little ice if your not using frozen fruit. Enjoy, you won’t believe that it’s also good for you.

4. Have someone else make lunch: Today, just for today don’t get stuck in the kitchen making the usual fare. Call a restaurant you have never tried or a favorite and have them bring the food to you.

Hey, what‘s going on? I have a free hour…

5. Head on outside: Get those walking shoes on and head out to the beach, park, or around the block maybe even window shop and find that pair of killer wedges (think how they will look with your killer calves that you got from walking).

6. Find some peace: Go to a hour long yoga class. Beginner classes are everywhere now and beginners are welcome. Yoga is great for flexibility, muscle tone, getting rid of stress, and finding your center.

7. Massage?: You have an hour, try to squeeze in a forty-five minute massage at a close by spa. It’s relaxing, and just plain fun. You’re the princess and worth it!

8. Get a mani/pedi: These are so quick nowadays these can be done in less than an hour quite reasonably. Bring out those thong sandals and rings, let those toes and fingers shine.

9. Hair Time: Get an appointment first thing in the morning to have your hair done and feel like that “just from the salon feeling” look all day. Don‘t forget to take some pictures.

OMG I got all afternoon, for just ME!

10. Sneak to the matinee: When was the last time you went to a dark, air-conditioned theater and watched a grown-up movie, having all the popcorn and Junior Mints to yourself? Mother’s Day has some wonderful movies playing right now and probably small crowds.

11 Get Bookwormish: Head to the bookstore, find a lovely little novel and seek a peaceful little corner, grab a wonderful latte and lose yourself in another world for the afternoon.

12 Get creative: Got a creative muse that always falls to the backburner? For just this afternoon, indulge in it. Self-motivate yourself to learn just one new thing. Your sense of self will skyrocket.

Whoops, Mommie’s Day is here and no time to steal from anywhere, to take time out? Write yourself a rain check. But, for today, at a minimum, sneak away, light a candle with a scent that soothes you , put on your favorite tunes, and Relax. Just for you it‘s your day. Happy Mommie Day!

Just Keep Swimming…


And then there’s this…

If you only knew….
A Ring through my Heart Necklace
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6 responses to “Git you some…

  1. Hi Lisa, I’ve visited a couple of times now and fell so welcome here. What a lovely warm spot you’ve created for your readers. I’m signing up to follow.

    That could have been the last thing on your list of ways to escape and refresh: come by and browse around Fishy Face Designs 😉

    Did you paint the fishy face in your logo? I Love it … also the little goldfish snacking. I’ve been mesmerized watching them swim around and grabbing those little morsels.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. I love your suggestions! My hubby cooked me a full blown lobster dinner. I never felt so pampered. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  3. I took photos and I havbe a wonderful time! Those were such great ideas you suggested! love, jean

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