Behind the Scenes…1 Day Late Style…

Thank you everyone for visiting us this week, it means so much and how I look forward to reading comments everyday (I just love it) , getting to know people from all over the world (I know, I say it every week, but its true) , for your continued support of joining us on Facebook, following us on twitter and all the other social medias out there.

We had a lot of fun again behind the scenes. Here are just of the few of fun things that we want to share.

We won a book over on Jennifer Probst’s blog “Writing Mama: Musings on parenthood, Writing, and Pursuing Your Dreams” Titled “The Tantric Principle“ I began to follow Jen after I ran across her “Love Letters” post and fell in love with her writing. Her writing is romantic, alluring, and passionate. Please go check out “Love Letters” and her book “The Tantric Principle“.

We have been following Dee of “Runako Designs” fantastic series on the Fair Trade Movement. I have really enjoyed following this series, it broke my heart for her son…go check out this great series and find out why.

We met Laura Kelly-Pifer, Certified Nutrition/Wellness Consultant and an Independent Team BeachBody Diamond Coach on Twitter. We exchanged some emails and when I wrote back I discussed with her my new undisciplined work from home work ethic I adopted. Let’s just say I have got those last ten to lose, again. She recommended a 1400 calorie a day meal plan it has been super easy to follow. Now I have begun working on a new exercise plan because I am sure that the definition of exercise doesn’t mean movement from the computer chair to bathroom to refrigerator. Please check out Laura’s blog “Exercise and Beyond” whether you just want to lose a pound or get healthier.

We spent all day last Sunday working on Andrew Thornton’s word of the week “Home” and what it meant to us and to our family. At first it was overwhelming. Thoughts raced through my mind, a mile a minute, how I could introduce you to my family, in our “interesting” world that we call “home”?…To me, I feel like it is captured on our Monday post titled simply “Home…”

We received a wonderful present from Mandy at “Beads for Brains” a really cool little widget with little fishies that chase around your mouse cursor. Webmaster master just got it on the site. Check it out in the right sidebar. Thanks, Mandy!!!

We met the wonderful fireman that we wrote about in the “3 Firefighters and a Dream…” post. We were able to talk to them about the beam from the WTC that they brought back from NYC, it’s travels and the plans for it.

One of the many funny little things that we found was a post on the “Trash On” fashion blog titled “Plastic Life” I just love it.

 Thank you so much it was a wonderful week at Fishy Face Designs. I hope that you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!!!

Just Keep Swimming…


And then there’s this
Ten Things that can go wrong working from home…
Do you Have a Cookie Jar?…
Just for Today…Take a Load Off…


8 responses to “Behind the Scenes…1 Day Late Style…

  1. enjoying some of these links and playing a bit of catch up before bed 🙂 have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. HI Lisa! Thanks SO much for the shout out – it’s truly an honor. I love these tips on all the other blogs so I am going to check them all out. The fishies swimming around are too cute. And you know you use my favorite line to sum up life: Just Keep Swimming! Have a great weekend!

  3. what a cool wrap up for your week..and what a surprise to run across my own blog..thank you so much for the shout out, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series;however, my son is going to KILL me when he finds out his teacher read my blog and has decided to host a show and tell and ask him to bring it in and tell the story and demonstrate, hee hee hee

  4. you have added so much to my life. I am so glad you had this summary. I will return to sweet Dee’s fair trade series, because you have reminded me. Thank you for that. She is a wonderful person, like you.

    jean xox

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