3 Firefighters and a Dream…

We were driving yesterday running errands (yes, I got out of the house-weekly grocery run), and I happened to catch on the radio, that a fire department in our city had been given a piece of steel beam from the WTC and were showing it at a local radio station. As it so happens, being the famous blogger that I am, I had my camera in the car, (well, ok, it was still in there from last week). So we turned around and headed that way.

When we arrived, I started asking about the beam. I was met with a overwhelming sense of pride, the 3 firefighters beamed and glowed as they discussed some of the details of the beam’s journey. They were so proud as they began telling of the 17 hour drive to NewYork and back, the threat of tornadoes forcing them to carry their motorcycle escort in the back of their truck, and the adrenaline rush to get that 1350 pound piece of steel to it’s new home. I asked what were the plans for it, the said simply “we are going to make a memorial”. I snapped some pictures, thanked them for their story, and we all said goodbye.

 The ride home takes about ten minutes, just enough time to ponder about what that means to me….In this community…

The Firefighters

World Trade Center Steel
The Beam

How sobering to have a piece of that historical event, here in our city.

What touches me the most is that there are a lot of people living in this community who will never get the opportunity to take a trip to NYC, and seek ground zero to spend time paying their respects. This small piece of such a large event will allow people a chance to pay tribute, in their own way. The actual physical aspect of it brings home an event that, to some, happened abstractly in the media.

The department has drawn up a beautiful design for the planned monument highlighting the beam. The area will also have benches, that will allow families to come and sit for awhile, so we never forget what happened that day.

The department’s goal is to raise $50,000 to complete the memorial by September 11, 2011 marking the 10th anniversary of the tragedy. They’re accepting donations to make it happen.

If you are interested donations can be made in person @the Boiling Springs Fire Department or sent to:
BSFD/WTC Memorial, 5020 Pelham Road, Greenville SC 29615

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14 responses to “3 Firefighters and a Dream…

  1. aw, this is sooooo sweet!!!! proud to type to such an active journalist ! I love the pictures and I love this story.

  2. This is very touching, Lisa. Thanks for sharing. We can never forget and need to share with our children firsthand wht happened that day so they can tell their children … and so on.

  3. Wow what’s the chance of seeing that and being able to take pictures. Awesome, you must take a photo of the finished monument in Sept, I would love to see it.

  4. This is so wonderful and so inspiring. I am proud for you, for us, and for America. great job xoxox jean

  5. What a wonderful story..It must have been really neat to be one of the first to see that in your community. I can’ wait to see the final memorial.

  6. What a beautiful story! Thanks for being so prepared and willing to take a detour so you could share it with us!!

  7. It’s almost 10 years past from 9-11 and it was like yesterday -still hurts when watching videos of that day.Thanks for touchy post……

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