Would you, Could you , Do you care?

Would you?
Could you?

Do you care about the animal lying in the street?
What about the child singing with no shoes on their feet?

Do you bike? do you hike?

Is the grass greener when you stare, or is it crystel clear like the midnight air
When you jump do you land on your feet, or float through the clouds your heart skipping a beat…

Was the valley ever so low that you felt like you were climbing out of the snow.
Four feet deep and shoveling with the beat, I shoveled that snow one part at a time…

Working my way through the adventurous maze…leads to the excitement that I so crave
Walking your path, sharing songs with others…you sing, dance and play with bubbles…

Do you dream alive like the sunny meadow or dark and grey like the hanging shadow.
Do you hope bigger than all the gummies, is hope magical and loud, or rings small and empty…

Could you walk in the rain and sing to the cranes or is your head held low to hide the pains.
Would you play in the waves with the kids on your back or march them around like wolves in a pack…

Telling stories by the campfire, spooky stories, silly stories, legends, tales of pirates, bandits and warriors too….

Have fun no matter what you do…

Just Keep Swimming…


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5 responses to “Would you, Could you , Do you care?

  1. I loved this and it is a wonderful way to start the month of May! I hope it is beautiful where you are!

    xox jean

  2. Gorgeous .. Made my day 🙂 .. Very Very beautifully said.

  3. Well said Lisa! Love ya!

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