How Important=YOU….

How important is it to take time for you? Steal a few hours for yourself…

Do you feel like it is impossible?…
Do you feel guilty?…needing to find you…
Do you realize that you still need to be you…

What does it mean to you to be you?
Do you wear many hats?…how do you separate them or do they just pile up?…
Who sees YOU when they are off?…Do you ever take them off?…

Do you really remember-YOU?

What songs play in your head? Are the lyrics whispered or shouted?
Which do you hear?
Which do you listen to?
Which do you repeat and sing out loud?

How do you take control over the music playing in your head?
How do you decide which songs to sing?
Do you get stuck on replay? Hearing phrases, over and over
How do you squeeze out and not let the shouting take over?
Do you turn the music up, down or change the channel?

What are you hiding behind, if anything? What is beneath each hat?…

What is your music today? 60‘s revolution, pop, Blues, jazz, folk, chamber, hip hop, classical, disco, alternative, country, metal, contemporary, show tunes, etc (sorry, if I missed your favorites, my fingers got tired).

Or like me, do you dance to the beat of a different drummer (never, ever said I was normal)?

Just Keep Swimming…


P,S. I love all music, Share some of your musical world with us by leaving a comment or tweeting your favorites. Enjoy the video! Share and Pass it On!

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2 responses to “How Important=YOU….

  1. I LOVE THIS SONG you chose…and all Harry Nillson(sp?) but I have never seen this video–just heard this song. It is great!
    One of my fav. songs is below, where my son, whose band is The Ruse (,is playing lead with some pals another band , Honor by August , who toured with them last year and really having a good time. His name is Jim–he is playing lead guitar in this video. Not his band but wait til you see what happens at the end!

    And it shows my kid’s amazing talents off really well!

    xox jean

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