Pinky the shoe….A Saga

Pinky’s coup… Did I win her over? This is the story of what happens to Pinky the Shoe who lives in a beautiful store front window…

Every morning the sun comes up and shines into the hippy stylish shoe boutique on Alla Moda highway… I wave my heels to all the passing people… most don’t even notice me…but, I wave anyway… I don’t want to go home with just anyone, ya know….What kind of girl do you think I am?…Who is writing this story?….

So everyday I continue and wave, searching for that perfect person… I will know them when we make heel to eye contact…I begin to fall into contentment and getting just a little too complacent when….OMG…. Did she just look at me????? She is so staring…. She is!… Wait! Wait! Come back….Oh, just wait!…. We WILL make THE connection….

A few days passed before the blonde headed stranger came back… but when she did…She lingered longer … I tried to imagine…what was she thinking???? I hoped it was how amazing I would look with her pink coach. She turned around and walked away…. This time I knew it…I saw the look in her eyes… that glassy starry eyed look….

Now, all I could do was wait…and hope she saw the connection too, the blonde headed stranger. Since making the connection, I changed tactics… this time I tapped my heel on the floor …tapping out a tune that went like this….I was giggling and singing…letting the notes float in the air… little puffs of air sent them floating towards the blonde stranger. I continued this practice all night, singing and tapping to the beat… Not sure exactly when I fell asleep….

The sun was shining when I awoke… A beautiful day was on its way….I could feel it….as I looked up, and started tapping the beat….and there she was…I love it when a plan comes together…

Just Keep Swimming…


We hope that you enjoyed the post and the 3 YouTube videos links in the story, below are more fun things:
Sweaters and the Green Bean Stalker
Really Swimming


4 responses to “Pinky the shoe….A Saga

  1. What a lovely little story. I’ve been that read headed lady plenty of times, where I keep going back looking at something…secretly hoping it wont be there when I go back so I don’ thave to purchase it, then eventually giving in to the realization that it was meant to be mine 🙂

  2. I do hope pinky (my favorite color) lives happily ever after with the blonde stranger (who could that be)? and that the two of them remember to find pinky’s mate so that the blonde stranger will be able to take them both out proudly to various important occasions, like Royal Weddings and things like that!

    jean xox

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