Tell Her…

 What does the word “Birthday” mean to you? Party-time or “oh, no here it is again” What if you were turning 20 today?

Well today my daughter is…

Her cake...

What do you think would be on your mind? Did you know where you were going at 20? What were you passionate about? What would you say to her or to a the 20 year old you on this day?

Would you discuss people that have come and gone in your life? Would you warn her to watch out for people because they are out for themselves or would you smile and remember all the good that others have done for you?

Would you discuss openly with her any questions that she poses or just give her what you think she wants to hear?

Would you tell her about your first real love, your first kiss, your first date…

Would you tell her about all the relationships that came and went? Would you warn her to be guarded and cautious about this so and so, or tell her that each relationship brought experiences that made me who I am today?

Would you tell her about all the financial woes you went through, recessions, gas hikes, layoffs, inflation or tell her to buy Microsoft stock in the early 80’s.

Would you tell her to find her cause, her voice. something to fight for, something to believe in or to play it safe?

Would you tell her that every experience she has had good or bad, has been a stepping stone to where you are now or would you dwell on the negative things and try to explain why your dreams never came true?

Or would you just put your arm around her and say “Don’t worry baby, it always works itself out, it’s going to be one heck on a ride!”…

Just Keep Swimming…



Can’t resist, aren’t these just the sweetest hands you ever saw???

Just sweet...


23 responses to “Tell Her…

  1. HI Lisa! This is such a sweet post – congratulations! I bet you blinked and here she is at 20…I think about what I would say to my boys all the time. I think a thousand thoughts would race through my head, and I’d tell them Just Keep Swimming!!!! Love it!

    • Thank you so much…I don’t even think I blinked…it went by, so fast. Had I have known I would of kept my eyes and ears a little more open. Hehe, yes sometimes that is the best advice “Just Keep Swimming”, thanks for your thoughts

  2. I have the best mommy && daddy in the whole wide world, and now I’m old enough just to know how big that world really is. They may not know the best parenting tips and they may always treat be like I’m five but in the bottom of my heart I know how much they love me so 🙂 and ill always be their baby…even if I’m 20 something

  3. what a beautiful post and so much for us moms to think about. navigating while checking our own baggage. a very happy birthday to your daughter and to you! and yes, my daughter woke up an hour earlier to tell me how excited she was about today and how she is thrilled to be 10 🙂 i picked up her cake. i asked them to write “10” ten times…they wrote it nine 😉 yes, it will be a great day!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Ally!

  5. Happy Birthday and yes, what sweet hands and what a lovely cake! I have to say my children are the most precious things in the world to me. Together with my husband who has two daughters from a previous marriage–we have 7 kids. I cannot express what my special children have taught me, and I cannot let a day go by without some sort of celebration that we are here and life is so precious. Love to you and to your daughter! xoxox jean

  6. It is my daughter’s seventeenth birthday tomorrow. Enjoy the day with your daughter…I know you will let her know how special she is to you.

  7. Isn’t it amazing how fast the time goes? My daughter is now 23. I don’t get it, seems like such a short time ago that I was that age. Hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday 🙂

    • It goes by far too quickly…I still find bags of “little treasures” that she stashed in the basement cleaning her room as a kid…I remember being her age, too…amazing how much more I learned after I knew it all…

      Thank you, She had a wonderful day…Thanks for coming by!!

  8. Just beautiful! I have two 12 year old girls and I feel like they are growing up too fast. Then there are days, I learn from them. Daughters are truly amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  9. My daughters will be there before I know it…I KNOW I will feel the same. So nice to read your words and put them in perspecitve. Hope her birthday was absolutely wonderul!

  10. Mamma Lisa this post is superb, It is not easy to find out the correct words to define it, sometimes words are not enough this is way I prefer to let my heart to speak & you understand so well heart words! your Daughter must be proud to have a Mom like you, I’m sure she is! Big (((HUGSSSI)))) to both of you &….

  11. Happy Birthday to your daughter and thankyou for the love that shines through your posts!! (HeedlessCeramics)

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