Behind the Scenes…Friendship style…

Ever just have one of those weeks, where everything just went…


It has been a fabulous week here, so much fun, interacting with people from all over the world. This week would be perfect, if not for one thing…

My daughter will not have a mommy hug and kiss for her birthday tomorrow the first time ever…(to my girl “I love you for always, to the moon and back and all the gummies in the world”)

Now, just a few of the great things that happened “Behind the Scenes”

  • We won a prize at Deryn’s “something sublime’s A Chic Little Giveaway“! I am so excited to receive this gift, I can’t wait to show you what I have planned for it. Please check her blog out, she has some amazing things. 




Princess of the Abby Necklace

May 2011 All Snook Up Jewelry Givaway

  •  I would also like to mention Christine at “One Kiss Creations Jewelry” …she makes lovely jewelry with those itty bitty beads… that I admire so much, not only because of the detail, but I admire anyone with that much patience! Come on Springtime!!!
  •  We would like to give special thanks to everyone that subscribes to our blog, We Love You!!!!

We have met Moms, Dads, bloggers of all manner, writers, photographers, fashion lovers, those on spiritual journeys, wonderful artists of differing genres, chefs, cooks, jewelry designers, many at the time those that we meet wear several, if not most, of these titles at once (well, ok not Mom and Dad, genetically speaking).

We have seen and read many stories, some funny, a few heart wrenching, an occasional opinionated, many triumphant, wonderful how to‘s, fascinating vacation diaries, and subtle views from people in all stages of life from college student to retired, enjoyed new music and relived some old.

We have had computer bugs, near meltdowns and laughs.

We had a good week…How was yours????

Just Keep Swimming…



6 responses to “Behind the Scenes…Friendship style…

  1. such a wonderful, fun post!!! You made me laugh so hard too, about my doll!

    you are GREAT! jean xox

  2. thanx so much for the shout out, lisa! i was so excited to come home to this. made my day 🙂 it is my daughter’s b’day tomorrow too…the BIG 1-0. she is not happy to be this age and said she was going to make the most of today. we are baking when she comes home. i can’t wait! it is going by too fast.

    • That’s why I feel that the “just for today’s” are so important…. take lots of pictures and steal as many hugs as you can and LOL… e-mail me in the morning!!!!
      Enjoy the moments, because when they get older a great connection is the stories you made the day before…I hope that you and your daughter make wonderful memories tomorrow, wish her a happy birthday from me!…

  3. love your blog- following you!

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