If you only knew!!!!

If you only knew….I love to get in my car and drive…. and I sing… sometimes so loud… I can’t believe I SOUND like that!…

If you only knew…. My daughter is turning 20 on Friday and we WILL NOT be together… I am so sad.

If  you only knew… I love reading blogs… it is so cool… for a brief moment…You get the chance to see life through someone else’s ideas.

If you only knew…I could sit on a beach for hours, just listening to the waves crash…

If you only knew… I would double dawg dare you… to ride any roller coaster out there!

If you only knew…. I am still not sure what I want to be when I grow up!

If you only knew…. I drive a jeep… and love it!

If you only knew…. I am angry over gas prices and I now will be driving my broom!

If you only knew… my secret passion is to somehow make a difference and bring people to a happy spot… even for a moment

If you only knew…. I still skip down the sidewalk… and love to walk barefoot in the grass!

If you only knew… I am not exercising everyday… LIKE I know for sure I should!

If you only knew…my dream is to one day live on a beach!

If you only knew…I love you all….. and I am so glad your here!

If you only knew…..


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15 responses to “If you only knew!!!!

  1. I love this! I have special CDs which I sing to in my car, and up until two weeks ago, I drove a jeep as well! I already miss it! Nothing compares to a jeep. we had a post WWII jeep when we were kids and whenever we stopped at a stop sign people would gather around and even offer to BUY it! I was so sad when my older sister got her driver’s license and my father figured he had better sell it so she would drive a regular safer car. I understand as a parent but boy was it fun!
    Happy Birthday to you daughter–I hope next year you will get to spend time with her on her special day! It is tough when they start growing up. I know–I have 5 sons! love, jean xox

    • Jean

      Thank you, you always have a way of making things sound so much better. I do hope that next year that I can have a big bash with my girl. 5 sons, love to you…what a “test fest”…The only time that I really have a problem when I sing and drive…is at night, people become confused as to whether the racket is:

      A. car alarms going off
      B. dogs/coyotes howling
      C. me singing

      you now know why Krump the dog is always traveling. However, webmaster master says that I sing like an angel…he doesn’t count though, he’s tone deaf…

  2. haha! you are too funny! I wanted to be an actress when I grew up. I even had lessons. However, although in school I sang in musicals, my husband always asks me politely to be quiet when I burst out in song. That is why the car is the perfect place. I spent one whole summer trying to hold a note as long as one girl in a girl group — I could almost manage it but by the end, when she was still belting it out, I was squeaking!
    Therefore, people probably thought MY car needed a brake adjustment!

    PS: I put your blog on my sidebar. 🙂 xox jean

    • Ok, Ok you win…

      My husband thanks you, you just left “Mighty Mouth” speechless….

      But seriously, thank you Jean for adding my blog to your sidebar… At least he asks you to be quiet politely, mine conveniently has to run to the store for something, or locks me out on the deck. I am jealous, at least you were able to hold the note while singing, I forever drop them…

  3. You ALWAYS make me laugh! hahahaha!!! xox

  4. gorgeous jewelry, thank you, a great example of artists bringing new beauty to our lives

  5. If you only new……….how much I appreciate your posts, they are really specials!

  6. If I don’t tell you enough, I love an appreciate the artist the “Nemo” lover the mother the friend the supporter and the amazing woman you are.Your words in posts and tweets and your beautiful creations make my life sweeter. #fisharefriends….some of the best ones!
    love ya!

  7. I have a few too many kids and baggage for just one broom to drive. I’m too not sure what it is I want to be when I grow up. 😉

  8. Happy birthday to your precious daughter, and thanks for the smiles you bring with this post! (((hugs)))

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