Ten things that make your laundryroom a scary place

Good Morning,

Ten things that make your laundryroom a scary place!

1.)  Because there is a sockeating dryer in there!!…

10.)  Because nobody cleans the litter box…

9.)  Because things go in but they don’t come out…

8.) Because it’s so messy the dog is afraid to hide his bone in it…

7.) Because it’s so cluttered that the shelves need shelves of their own…

6.) Because no one cleans the dryer vent and the fire dept is on standby…

5.) Because it must be haunted since no one will go in there, and you wish that at least the ghost would do the laundry…

4.) Because there is no internet access and you go through  FB withdrawals….

3.) Because there is no cellphone reception…

2.) Because you don’t know if there really is a floor under that stack of clothes…

Have a wonderful week…Just Keep Swimming!!!!!


We also wanted to remind everyone about our “All Snook Up ” monthly Giveaway and about “Surf’s Up” and why is it important?

“All Snook Up” is our monthly jewelry giveaway. Each person that has subscribed to our newsletter on our website and confirmed the subscription is entered. Drawings are once a month. The “All Snook Up” category shows the pieces for each month.

“Surf’s Up” is what we call our SocialVibe charity, Surfrider. The money that you raise by completing the activities when you click on it will help minimize pollution and keep our beaches and oceans clean so that we can continue to enjoy these awesome ecosystems. It is a free activity that we support on the blog, so feel free to click away. Just Keep Swimming


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