Do you have a cookie jar?

Good Morning,

Do you remember the story of how you arrived at the name for your blog and/or web-site?

I do! Fishy Face Designs, started when the movie Finding NEMO was released (we just didn’t know it)…. To this day, nothing makes me smile more than when my daughter makes those silly fishy faces. OH, she is twenty now… but her fishy faces still make the clouds go away.


I can still see her, hiding behind the bar in the kitchen coming up and down making the faces… LIKE every other parent in the world…. I would always ask her to show me her fishy face… I can close my eyes now and still see that face… what a beautifully silly face….

Our logo came from a cookie jar my husband and I found at a flea market. I remember the day we found it, It made me laugh…

I kept the cookie jar on top of the fridge for a few years…. sacred never using it really… Isn’t it crazy?… The cookie jar knew where I was going… why did it take me so long to catch up?…

The cookie jar is priceless to me and long before Fishy Face Designs became a reality… whenever I was feeling down and Allison wasn’t home… It would somehow catch my eye when I went into the kitchen and I would instantly smile!

I would love to read how you arrived at the name for your blog and/or web-site…

So come on…. PLEASE….. do tell!!!!!

Just Keep Swimming…


“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship”, Louis May Alcott 

P.S. the cleanest place in the whole house, also, did you notice where the cookbooks are?


4 responses to “Do you have a cookie jar?

  1. The first show I wrote for Mitsy Lou was called, “Just A Closer Stumble With Thee”. It’s a humorous presentation with the gospel message. I already had the logo & thought, “I need to use this”. I felt that’s what the Lord wanted me to use. So that’s how I came to use the title for my blog. God bless!

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