Huge Announcement

Hey Everyone!!!

I just wanted to announce a couple of things….

1.)The first thing is, that I have decided to resort back to my old transportation method…. I have decided gas is too expensive, so I am pulling out my…broom!


It will save me a lot of money…I won’t have to sit in traffic…however, groceries could be a problem…but you know I was a little tired of cooking dinner, anyway…I am only letting you know this, so that when the satellites get bogged down reporting strange objects to NORAD…and your internet connection slows to a crawl…It really isn’t a UFO!…just little ol’ me…

2. Tomorrow, we will draw our April 2011 “All Snook Up” jewelry giveaway winner for “Calamari Moon Necklace”, and have a brand new unique necklace for the month of May “Princess of the Abby”… Don’t worry the winner will receive it in the normal shipping methods…so as to not alarm the neighbors…no broom delivery for you!…

 Happy Easter,

Thanks for playing along!


2 responses to “Huge Announcement

  1. I’m in! I hope they will give me a special parking spot at work. I have been asked once or twice where I park my broom anyway 😉

    • OMG, that was funny!…I spit my water out all over my monitor. I think that they will need to create new parking spaces like they do for bicycles and motorcycles…Mine is ready to go…paint drying…brand new candy apple red paint job…oh yeah…

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