Ten Things That Can Go Wrong Working From Home-2

Good Morning,

Ten things that can go wrong working from home!

1.)  You forget how to drive.

10.)  You know all your “dogs” secrets!

9.)  You can jog faster than your computer can download!

8.) A Tweet isn’t Rockin Robbin!

7.) Your paycheck is in the mail????

6.) Your days have rolling numbers!

5.) The dog takes more showers than YOU!

4.) Your doctor ORDERS>>>>> Sunshine and MOVEMENT….

3.) Your YOUTUBE Music player goes down!

2.) Your facebook account is deleted from “OVER-USE!)>

Have a wonderful weekend…. Happy Easter!!!!!



2 responses to “Ten Things That Can Go Wrong Working From Home-2

  1. You forget how to: match clothes, brush your hair, wear makeup
    You live wayyyyy too close to the fridge
    You lose entire days listening to talk and call-in radio shows, persuaded that this is somehow “research”

    Fun post!

    • Hahahaha, thanks for the fun comment….that is true, I wrote last week you forget WHAT to do with the mop on your head! And I mentioned YOUR pj’s become your 8TH layer of skin! it is so much fun…. but it is very crazy… How fast your days roll into the next!

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