The No Krump Blues…

I lay around all day.. ..anywhere I please.. ..
My meals are always free.. ..and my kitchen is always open.. ..
Sometimes I chase the cat.. show her I am king.. ..
I sleep in the sun.. in the grass.. .. ..
Buried my bones.. ..and they are not smashed.. ..

They won’t let me sleep on the couch.. ..I can’t sleep anywhere I please.. ..
They have rules.. ..they make me eat in the kitchen.. ..and my food is always the same.. ..
I look for krumbs.. ..but they won’t share.. ..
I use all my charm.. ..but they don’t care.. ..
In this FAMILY.. ..they must like the cat better.. ..
I hate the cat.. .. and all her stupid toys..

Spent two days burying my bones.. know a guy gets worried about his bones.. ..
I want to go outside and find my bones.. ..but it’s pouring down rain.. ..THEY.. ..won’t let me go play.. ..
What’s a dog to do.. ..I guess I will just lay here.. ..
and sing the “No Krump Blues”.. ..

Krumps Arch-Nemesis

We also wanted to remind everyone about our “All Snook Up ” monthly Giveaway and about “Surf’s Up” and why is it important“

All Snook Up” is our monthly jewelry giveaway. Each person that has subscribed to our newsletter on our website and confirmed the subscription is entered. Drawings are once a month. The “All Snook Up”category shows the pieces for each month.

“Surf’s Up” is what we call our SocialVibe charity, Surfrider. The money that you raise by completing the activities when you click on it will help minimize pollution and keep our beaches and oceans clean so that we can continue to enjoy these awesome ecosystems. It is a free activity that we support on the blog, so feel free to click away. Just Keep Swimming…


One response to “The No Krump Blues…

  1. awwwwwww how cute!!!!!!!

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