10 things that can be a problem when you work from home…

10. You stay in your Pjs so long… that they become your 8th layer of skin.

9. You are forced to wear hats because you no longer know what to do with the mop on your head.

8. When you open your eyes, you don’t see faces anymore…you see numbers from the spreadsheet detailing visitor counts to your website/blog…

7. You can’t remember all your passwords…and your questions/answers come back in an email in a language that you can’t read.

6 There is a science project growing in your toilet…and the research is backing up.

5. You finally leave your computer chair and go outside…and the trash can moved it’s SELF to your front door….that might be a bad sign…

4. You have spent so much time on the computer that your butt now resembles your chairs cushion…

3. You leave reminders to yourself on your Facebook wall…

2. You start talking in code…and all your emails have links…

1. You run out of diet Coke…

We also wanted to remind everyone about our “All Snook Up ” monthly Giveaway and about “Surf’s Up” and why is it important?

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12 responses to “10 things that can be a problem when you work from home…

  1. Hehehehehe!!! Recognize myself in many of these! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Oh my gosh! You hit the nail on the head, girl! I actually had to finally get a whiteboard to remember everything. Also-totally agree with you on the password thing! I honestly change mine so often it’s crazy. 🙂 Also, my PJ’s ARE my 8th layer of skin…perhaps I should consider showering. Don’t forget “pulling all-nighters.” Almost a daily occurance for me. Great stuff. Xoxox, Beth

    • Beth you crack me up! Those all nighters… well I am not wearing them as well as I used to heehee! You would fit in perfectly here, I have whiteboards.. and OMG sticky notes are my friend! I am so glad you stopped by… please keep in touch!

  3. Gosh, i hadn’t thought about leaving myself messages on Facebook. What a great idea. And my robe provides a ninth layer over my pjs. Sigh.Thenaks for the great post. : )

  4. I don’t work from home (yet) but I am blogging on the side and I can definitely associate with a lot of these especially the science project growing on the toilet. Great post!

    Sara Anderson

  5. You have read my mind…all the way to #1. LOL!!

  6. Great Post..I laughed and the kids in the other room laughed at my laughing… I love Giveaways, I check this blog anyway, but I signed up! thanks for having a giveaway…

    I can seriously relate to many of your points, but for computer chair butt…I have a Twitter exercise program to share… 25 jumping jack before each computer session, or after 25 minutes. (One armed jumping jacks are fine, in case you are still in your PJ’s…hee hee)…But really after 3 weeks…I am actually feeling stronger, and look better in the mirror…So..anyway..Membership is free..and there is no ebook to buy…
    Love you guys!

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