Thank you!!!

Good Morning Schoolers,

I just wanted to say thank you to all my friends, old and new who have been so supportive as I continue on this journey. It is very exciting to watch Fishy Face Designs grow…

I hope you are having fun with Krump’s little adventures and some of the other articles we have going on…. On the blog.  I read all comments and really appreciate every one.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Please continue reposting, tweeting, or any other source you have to get the information out about Samantha, the 15 year old child missing from Idaho and could be on her way to Oregon!  In my heart… that is what makes facebook such an amazing tool….

So thank you all so much.


We also wanted to remind everyone about our “All Snook Up ” monthly Giveaway and about “Surf’s Up” and why is it important?

“All Snook Up” is our monthly jewelry giveaway. Each person that has subscribed to our newsletter on our website and confirmed the subscription is entered. Drawings are once a month. The “All Snook Up” category shows the pieces for each month.

“Surf’s Up” is what we call our SocialVibe charity, Surfrider. The money that you raise by completing the activities when you click on it will help minimize pollution and keep our beaches and oceans clean so that we can continue to enjoy these awesome ecosystems. It is a free activity that we support on the blog, so feel free to click away. Just Keep Swimming…


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