Just another Friday…Behind the Scenes…

It’s Friday again, and some of us did a little cleaning and rearranging. However, look at “Yikes” others not to mention any names (webmaster master) did not feel the need to straighten up.

Much better. at least I can see everything now

HELP - Fishy Face Designs is taking over the house


The first one made - Where are your friends?


Here is a picture of one of our lastest creations.

Soft Secrets Necklace

 A full description and other pics of this amazing necklace can be found on our website store here

We also wanted to remind everyone about our “All Snook Up ” monthly Giveaway and about “Surf’s Up” and why is it important?

“All Snook Up” is our monthly jewelry giveaway. Each person that has subscribed to our newsletter on our website and confirmed the subscription is entered. Drawings are once a month. The “All Snook Up”category shows the pieces for each month.

“Surf’s Up” is what we call our SocialVibe charity, Surfrider. The money that you raise by completing the activities when you click on it will help minimize pollution and keep our beaches and oceans clean so that we can continue to enjoy these awesome ecosystems. It is a free activity that we support on the blog, so feel free to click away. Just Keep Swimming…


2 responses to “Just another Friday…Behind the Scenes…

  1. Happy Firday, thanks for leaving a comment. I wanted to do the same. I like your jewelry, very nice.

  2. Ha, I had to laugh at your comment that your jewelry making and designing is taking over the house! I totally know the feeling…Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving your feedback!

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