Because You Asked (BYA)…

Because You Asked (BYA).  We have some fun and interesting catagories and we thought that we would tell the story behind them and their meaning. We hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Just Keep Swimming… (All links in this page link to our website or this blog)

What is Fishy Face Designs?
Fishy Face Designs Jewelry was born and created after several lightning bolts and aha moments, showed me a love and passion that has taken me to a whole new level of self awareness, more of my discovery can be read on our About Us. Please come share the journey and Just Keep Swimming…

What is a Krump?
A Krump is my daughter’s little baby that lives with us. After having lived with us for months we decided that he needed a job. After reviewing his extensive resume we felt that he is quite qualified to wine and dine, shop til he drops and share with you his “Little Adventures”.

What is Alla Moda?
Alla Moda is the Italian word for trendy.

What will I find under the Alla Moda category?
The Alla Moda Jewelry collection is divided into sections. They are Alla Moda, Chunky Monkey, Extreme jewelry and Tramonti Romantici. In each of these categories you will find truly unique pieces and remember our Chunky Monkey is calorie free.

What is Tramonti Romantici?
Tramonti Romantici is the Italian term for “Romantic Sunsets” and the name of our romance inspired collection.

What are “Love Tokens”?
“Love Tokens” are romantic little jewelry boxes that deliver love wishes, a truly unexpected treasure that can be kept forever. Show your love.

What is “All Snook Up”?
“All Snook Up” is our monthly jewelry giveaway. Each person that has subscribed to our newsletter and confirmed the subscription is entered. Drawings are once a month. The “All Snook Up” category shows the pieces for each month.

What is “One Part at a Time”?
“One Part at a Time“ came about during the long hours of putting the website/blog together. As I was building them my wife wanted more and more things added as ideas came to her. Then the Johnny Cash song popped into her head “One Piece at a Time” and “One Part at a Time“ was born. It has become a running joke with us as we come up with creative ideas now to say yes we can do it “One Part at a Time”. It seemed like the appropriate name to use for the section where we put articles, tips, musings most anything that we want to write about.

What is a virtual online jewelry super party?
A virtual online jewelry super party is a wonderful way to hang out with your friends at home or anywhere that is laptop friendly and earn one of a kind designer jewelry. When you host a party your guests will receive discounts as well. What are you waiting for put your Fishy Face on.

What is the Top Ten List?
The Top Ten List is a weekly article that put we put out just for fun…Enjoy!

What is Just for Today?
Just for Today is a little page where we list fun things for people to try “Just for Today”.

What are “Beach Pebble Love Stones”?
“Beach Pebble Love Stones” is our newest collection of jewelry, using pebbles from a magical beach that have been handpicked and carefully polished. We look forward to sharing this collection with you. These “Beach Pebble Love Stones” will bring sparkle and magic back to you . Let the Super Adventure begin with you.

Why recycle old jewelry?
Special pieces are meant to be worn not hidden. Sometimes all it takes, is a tweak here or there for yours to be alla moda and special again. Contact us and we would be glad to work one on one with you and wake up that piece buried in your jewelry box…Super Adventure ready, to your specifications.

What you can expect to find in “One Part at a Time”?
The section where we put articles, tips, musings most anything that we want to write about.

Why is your blog different?
My blog is different because I bring not only jewelry elements into it, but also a little humor and how I view the world along with the trials and behind the scene reflections of having a business. It is a platform for me to be able to write what I feel, want to, and in my own style without having someone else tell me how or what to write about.

What are Krump’s “Little Adventures”?
Mr. Krump came to work at Fishy Face Designs Jewelry on 3/15/2011 as our traveling Sales Rep, Buyer and Ambassador. He will be traveling extensively both in the USA and abroad, on what we call “Little Adventures”. He comes to us with extensive experience in fashion, jewelry and art. A true fashionista at heart. His love and passion for digging has him finding fascinating treasures everywhere he goes.

What is “Surf’s Up” and why is it important?
“Surf’s Up” is what we call our SocialVibe charity, Surfrider. The money that you raise by completing the activities when you click on it will help minimize pollution and keep our beaches and oceans clean so that we can continue to enjoy these awesome ecosystems. It is a free activity that we support on the blog, so feel free to click away. Just Keep Swimming…

What are “Litte Suprises”?
“Little Surprises” are specials or promotions that we run from time to time. We will always have some little surprise for our friends available. Let us know any ideas that you may have for “Little Surprises”.

What are “Unexpected Treasures”?
We like to have fun with our website and blog “Unexpected Treasures” is an area that we use to stick stuff into when we don’t know where else to put it.

What are “HeeHees”?
“HeeHees” is a category on the blog that we use to post jokes and other funny items that are not related to our website or blog. Send your funnies to us or and we just may include it on the blog.

What are “Behind the Scenes”?
“Behind the Scenes” is a category on the blog that we use to post pictures of what we actually do and experience all week working on the website and blog. We hope that this allows you to get to know us a little better. Yes, real people work behind the scenes here…Well, everyone but Mr. Krumpy that is, he believes that he is a king, we drew the line when he insisted that we call him “your majesty“…

How can I contact Mr Krumpy?
Mr Krumpy is a very busy Krump, he can be reached via our Contact Us page. He will respond to your message, he is very good about checking his email messages daily


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