Missing Child, Not a joke-Update Found

Please contact us at 866-374-6643 or her mothers facebook

She is home safe and sound. Thank you all so much for getting the word out.

Share Kindness…Pass it on…

This is a serious request from a mother in Nampa, ID.

This is my 15yr old daughter…she has been listed as a run away. She is about 5…’7″ tall, weights about 95lbs, has hazel green eyes and brown hair. She was last known to be with a kid name Beau Stringer in Nampa ID…please repost and keep your eyes open for her.See More

By: LeeAnn Rekow

This is her pic, if you have seen her or know where she is at please contact her mother on her facebook page HERE, here is her picture:


3 responses to “Missing Child, Not a joke-Update Found

  1. I’m praying for a safe return.

  2. Thank you so Much.. I know that the family will appreciate each and every prayer.

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