It’s Monday and all I got was a working weekend….While

Mr. Krump….
How was Rome over the weekend? I loved your picture… and what a fantastic article you wrote on Capitoline Hill…. You really put together some fantastic information. I will be sure and pass it on! I am looking forward to seeing the pictures you took over the weekend! Some dawgs have all the fun!

I took pictures of the “Love Tokens”, but I haven’t got them up on web-site yet…they are mentioned on the blog and we have added them to the website as recent news. They are the cutest things….what a great find! You know Krumpy… what a great way to give a gift. I can think of so many ways in which the little “Love Tokens” could really make someone’s day! So many uses… and they are sweet and romantic!

Web master master started something yesterday I think you will truly enjoy….. He is working on a sliding photo gallery for several things but ok ok…. he will be adding one gallery for all your little adventures! And heeheeeheee I know where you are going next!

I can’t wait to see more pictures… and I hope to read another fascinating article soon… How cool… Krump…
Do your stuff Mr. Krump…. the buyers are waiting…. Make your meetings count!

Just keep swimming!


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