Krump at Rome’s Capitoline Hill…

Krump at Rome's Capitoline Hill


Sorry, about not getting with you sooner, it’s been GO…GO…GO…since I got off the Sports Illustrated plane yesterday. Wow, what a ride!! Talk about personal attention! But anyway, I had several meetings yesterday, all of which went fab, by the way, and on my way from one to another I came across the wonderful little Love Tokens that I texted you about, aren‘t they spectacular!! After the meetings, we all went for a late night dinner of wonderful fresh Roma pasta. I have been trying to recuperate by doing a little sight seeing, and ran across Capitoline Hill, a wonderful place that I decided to research and will send you a write up on. Since I will be here a few more days downloading, I will do some more shopping to see what other little treasures I can find and perhaps a bit more sight-seeing. Enjoying fine Italian wine and fresh food go with out saying.

Wish you were here,

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