It’s Saturday!!!! Fishy Dance tonight!

Good Morning Schoolers!

Mother Nature is playing tricks on us here in the south today!!!!! We were so wrong to think SPRING>>>> she has other plans….LIKE 89 today…. hot, high humidity, 15 degrees or so above NORMAL…AHHHHHH Spring time in South Carolina!…. It is so refreshing!

Friday…. every week or so we have been sending out link requests for our web-site…. and it’s awesome… we have had such great responses… and on Friday “it” happened….. Someone requested a link from us….. This is so exciting…. but wow o wow…. it is a numbers driven game…. We check stats day and night…. it really is exciting…. but I have zero patience… so while I was sleeping I came up with a plan!

Is…. the All Snook UP/ One Part at a Time dance Event…. I would appreciate if you would crank up your favorite tunes…. head outside… Look up into the beautiful stars and send those little satellite signals this way! I understand the satellite google Gods…. Love love love to dance… So have fun…. drop it like its hot…. and send those bots this way please….

Just keep swimming!


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