It’s Thursday!

Good Morning Schoolers!

How are you this morning, I hope you are having a fantastic week!!!!! I am having a wonderful week and wahoo…. our weather is finally acting like spring! (85 by Sunday) I want RECESS!!!!!

I gotta tell ya, I am loving getting up and going to work these days!!!! This is a blast…. Making the jewelry is just a small/huge part of this….

behind the scenes….
Behind the scenes…. Ed has taken a white store front page…LOL with a shoe on the header and made it into Fishy Face Designs, the amazing web-site we have now! I have watched him work day, night and all weekend! He never complains! We have changed stuff, added stuff…. put it in… taken it out.. I have added things…. he has gotten thru the entire list he was working on….ONLY to fiqure out a better way… and started all over again! Or we decided something else worked better! (and LOL started over again!)
Our learning curve is huge…. but I really want you to know we have made it fun!!!!!
Together… we have come up with Alla Moda, One Part at a Time, Super adventures, Little Adventures, Krump’s Little Adventure, the interesting part has been combining everything and tying it all together.
So if you see him out and about….. today is “ED” day at fishy face designs…
Just a small thank you, to the wonderful things he has done!!!!

Have a wonderful day…… Hope your weather is great today….
Our jewelry only looks beautiful…. when it is being worn…. Take the dive today…..

And just keep swimming!
Thanks ED……. I appreciate everything you have done to help me realize this dream!


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