One part at a time…..

Middle of the night to ya schoolers!

I couldnt sleep last night…. I tossed and turned… I had a fishy highway going on in my head! I have been awake organizing all the thoughts in my head, so I know which direction to go tomorrow! It is crazy…(in a good way.) I have worked some crazy jobs in my lifetime…. but most left me feeling like something was missing….or I just worked like a robot and watched the clock…. this fun world of on line jewelry store….is crazy and super exciting! It is kinda spooky scary how fast the days fly by now…. Maybe it is because I am not doing this right????? Or because if you know me, you know I run full steam ahead and so… this is were I am going wrong… I think.
As soon as I wake up, the first thing I do…ok maybe second race to see if site or blog was looked at overnight!!!! It is crazy it is like these numbers….they are majic… like a drug that fuels you, fires you up and gives you inspiration! It’s like the first look sets the day… what is going right, what do you think is going wrong…. and then sometimes ideas hit and they pour out….
But getting back to were I think I might be going wrong… and I have no idea how to fix…it seems like the more we accomplish… the longer the list grows….which really is exciting because it refelects what we are learning and what direction we want to take store in! I honestly think now, with the first month behind us… this web-site could take 6 to 8 months to build… that is my projection…. And it’s like you think the harder you work the faster it will get done…..Not true…. LOL One part at a time…. my new motto! and I am having to learn to zone out and pretend I have patience…. HAHAHA…. cruel joke…. So you are asking…. what do I think I am doing wrong…. LOL… I am getting there….

I wake up, jump up start working and work til time to go to bed…. the faster I work the more will get done right????? Isnt that how we think? Well it has left me with rolling days… I dont mind because it is a blast to watch this come together…. with the interesting jewelry, crazy cool descriptions… and unique catagories…. but I need a shower and people might start thinking I am a little weird, like Howard Hughes…. except….ummmmm I dont have his money to excuse my shut in behavior. I just feel like so much is being accomplished…. but today might be the day to take a shower, wash some clothes (just in case I wanted to leave LOL THE COMPOUND) and give the dog a bath…….

Just Keep Swimming!


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