It’s Monday……

Morning Schoolers!

How was your weekend? I hope it went well for everyone! Any super adventures going on out there??? It was really beautiful in my neck of the woods! Although….. I didnt really see much of it!

My hat of the weekend was photographer…. It is so interesting starting a business on-line. It has been alot of fun… I feel like the web-site tells a story, my story. It really is a reflection of me. I hope to learn alot on this journey….  This super ADVENTURE….. life we call it!

Getting back to the hat of the weekend!!!!! Ed and I have been working day and night (literally) on this web-site for a month…. I really am grateful for his help… Together we just go to hat box each morning and pull out our ‘hat of the day’ and get started… That is one of the cool things about this…. I am learning so much…. Wahoo….. finally I found a place that keeps me interested! Now to  staying focused…. (JUST KEEP SWIMMING)…

So on to the hat of the weekend! We had around 125 pieces of jewelry on the web-site…. and factoring in my huge LEARNING CURVE….. of learning as I go…. LOL the hard way…. This took off so fast my hat box continues to change and grow!…. (I Love it!) So the hat of the weekend…. I had jewelry hanging on hangers in every room! BAM>>>>> BOOMMMM…….. SPLAT and super scary!!!! So back to the picture thing…. We decided a few more pictures under each item would be great…and I needed some, ok alot of organization…. So I began taking the new additional pictures and while on this path… I numbered each piece and got inventory set up….!!!!! Can I get a big huge wahoo????!!!!! Each piece is tucked in and resting….. anticipating there super adventure they know you are planning! I think Ed got the bad end of the deal with the loading of the new pictures and changing the oder etc…. But it is updated….. and organized…. go us!!!!!

That is the begining of the hat thing…. we still have a few new things to set up on the site….. I have the ideas but Ed gets stuck implementing them…. I like my side better!

Have a great week….

Just keep swimming!


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