Good Sunday Morning!

Good Morning Schoolers!!!!!

Ahhhhh…..yesterday….. what a day!!!!! The whole day was spent updating jewelry pictures for the web-site. WE added two more pictures for each piece…. LOL doesnt that sound easy????? HA! it took all day… and night and night…. Did I mention this is the third day… LOL bet I learned this repeat lesson!!!!…. and we just finished necklaces…(still have bracelets, anklets and wine charms to go)! I think it looks alot better. it is so crazy…. my learning curve LOL keeps me back peddling alot….. but It is cool to watch this grow. It has been awesome to watch everything fall into place… naming stuff/catagories etc has been the most fun… keep my brain working in over-drive! Ok OK, now you just got why its taking so long….. heeheehee

Every morning, I jump up and go to computer…. cant wait to see how many hits have been tagged on the site… what do people really think? Feed back info… Is my stuff good?? I really get so nervous… How scary it is to put yourself out there… (especially when you are building a site with world-wide potential) You know there are so many ups and downs!
When sales are slow… boy do you start questioning should I really continue…. I think we are extremely hard on ourselves… it is like a roller coaster inside your head…. Do I stay in… How long do I give this… what about money to live on??? Very scary…. Life changes so quickly sometimes… when the lightening bolt hit me in the head and I realized I had such a love for making jewelry…. I said… WOW>>>> wish that would have hit me a few decades sooner…..
But the truth is…. would It have been like this???? I believe everything good and bad in my life that has happened up til now is in the jewelry I design now…. so that ahha moment made me realize…. it all happens just on time….
Thank you for taking time to read my blog…. I appreciate your feedback.

Just keep swimming


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