really swimming!!!!!

Good Morning Schoolers!

It is raining and cold in my neck of the woods today! (again!)… I am sure I went to sleep a couple of weeks ago and the strangest thing happened….North America… our continent must have shifted, moved or something to another part of the world LOL>>>> or did we just lose the sunshine…. How can you lose something as big as the sun???? Ok, Ok I know lately I have had a few moments (Ok ALOT) were I keep miss-placing things and I spend a lot more time trying to find things…..this exercise is replayed over and over…. so I ask… How can you lose the sun? You know… that isn’t exactly the same as losing my car keys, scissors, lighter, stapler…tape… those things I get, the elves and fairies play tricks on me a lot and move my stuff…. but the sun????? So please help me out… I have lost the sun!

have a wonderful day…
I hope you find your sun!
Just keep swimming!


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